Challenge #738 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: overnatural

After 2 days of voting, a winner is declared: The voting will close on Wednesday.
The winner picks the theme for next week.

[ If the winner doesn’t supply a theme before Thursday 22:30 GMT, the organizer will select the theme. In this case, the winner’s theme will be used the next time we are lacking a theme on Thursday 22:30 GMT. :slight_smile: ]

Having selected the theme, the winner will not be eligible to enter that week. They may however still submit an image, but it won’t be included in the voting.

Pure Entries

  • RayVelcoro
    Toxic Mushroom

  • 3dnotguru
    Mystery of the Yeti

  • Fulip

  • Evilos
    The Psychic

  • str11
    Bioluministentic Beach

  • purbosky

  • Phantascene
    The Death of Artificial Intelligence

  • fcharr
    The Balanced Card

  • mik.a.

  • YAFU
    Run away!

  • Unicornaphobist
    Over Nature

  • appie.123
    The Kraken

  • david.speer
    Night Lights

  • Enthymeme

Open Entries

  • SonnySee
    Natural Beauty
    [It is an open entry (used a few faces from a generated ManuelbastioniLAB model) with some minor post processing in Gimp.]

  • DoriNori
    [Almost every material contains a texture from, so I’ll just call it an ‘Open’ entry.]

  • caz747
    Lady of the Lake.
    [I’m going to call this an open entry, the reason being that the only new modelling I did was for the sword. I used the free grass plugin for the reads, the MBLab for the human model and the wave modifier on the water. I did some cloning work in Gimp to remove some fireflies, I always use Gimp even if it is only to resize the image to get it down to the 250kb limit.]

Non-competing Entries

  • RobertT

  • Helge
    Not Natural

  • Photox
    The Gate

  • LeoBlenderToon
    The purest water

  • TenRado

Overnatural Bump!

If i created model in blender but the texture is created it for,let’s say in substance painter(or photoshop).This work will be pure or open?

As this isn’t specified by the rules, texture/material related questions come up from time to time. (e.g. last week :-))

Here are a few thoughts on that: YAFU, fcharr, Helge

As a rule of thumb:
“If you can honestly say to yourself, ‘Yes, I mainly used Blender to make this’, then the entry is Pure.”

works quite well.

I think this is safe to say / general consensus:
You don’t have to create all textures from scratch (no need to go out into the forest to take pictures of bark or stones) every weekend. And using another software to prepare/edit the textures isn’t a big deal either. As long as this isn’t the main focus of the entry or as fcharr put it “isn’t contributing to the work significantly” it is fine to still place the entry into the pure category. If you have the feeling that the external elements contributed to the entry a lot, it should probably be open.

In any case: It is always a fair move to state external assets or non-blender parts and edits along with the entry. This way the voters can decide for themselves.

pure ,a bit heavy but i like it !
the reason is ? what is the reason ? is it bout (i download and match a bit ?)
if i read the pure rules , for me it is only this software , can i post an image im importet ?
more a dont say write or whatever.
i hope it isnt an mistake but the goal isnt reached on the rules and the posters.

Then I can use third-party textures in my entries, only if they are not heavily dependent on them and are used in a balanced way(if i understood correctly)?

Normally I would call it pure, but this week I used so many textures (including their corresponding height & roughness maps) I decided to call it open.

Yes, that’s how I would see it. And while we are at it: Don’t worry about the entry category too much. There is nothing wrong with entering an open entry. :slight_smile:

And… the winner of Weekend Challenge 738 with 25% of the votes is… purbosky!
Here’s to all the great participators…

RayVelcoro : 0 : 0%
3dnotguru : 1 : 2.78%
Fulip : 1 : 2.78%
Evilos : 3 : 8.33%
str11 : 2 : 5.56%
purbosky : 9 : 25%
Phantascene : 0 : 0%
fcharr : 1 : 2.78%
mik.a. : 2 : 5.56%
YAFU : 1 : 2.78%
Unicornaphobist : 0 : 0%
appie.123 : 3 : 8.33%
david.speer : 0 : 0%
Enthymeme : 8 : 22.22%
SonnySee : 1 : 2.78%
DoriNori : 3 : 8.33%
caz747 : 1 : 2.78%

grats purbosky :slight_smile: I would have called it: under a raging moon!

Thanks! Nice idea, though I’d call it: ‘Do not feed the hungry tree!’
Also I wonder if Blizzard will eventually make your card official? lol… Haven’t played Heathstone again since a long time.

Btw, next week theme should be up soon, so be prepared. :slight_smile:

The Truth Is Out There! Wait… I meant the new theme is up and running.

Just some observations (in the order of voting entry appearance)…

RayVelcoro: Such nice textures and volumetrics in this one!

3dnotguru: That footprint looks fairly fresh, and with a hint of shadow just off to the right, perhaps the Yeti is nearby…

Fulip: Such an energetic glowing effect, something which reminds me of some of the bioluminescent vegetation of Pandora in the movie Avatar.

Evilos: There is some seriously supernatural stuff going on here, perhaps something out of Dr. Strange’s universe…

str11: Ahh, more bioluminescence is a good thing! It’s amazing to me how naturally some things in our world can produce their own illumination.

purbosky: That plant must be really hungry to want to swallow the moon! I wonder what it had for breakfast…

Phantascene: The first thing I thought of when I saw this was the scene where C-3PO and R2-D2 were riding in the Jawas’ Sandcrawler. The movie AI also comes to mind. Poor droids!

fcharr: This looks great, like something right out of a commercial-quality game. I read and admire how you achieved the lettering outlining. Great work!

mik.a.: Great idea and nicely realized in a hauntingly cool way!

YAFU: I admire how you stood with this piece and developed it further. This image really captures the sense of the supernatural.

Unicornaphobist: I really like how you went with a distinctly different interpretation of the topic.

appie.123: You have “unleashed the Kraken” well here! The details on the tentacles and sea floor are especially nice.

david.speer: Several things here – the eerie tree outside, the books coming off the shelf, and the green glow – all contribute to the successful supernatural nature of this piece.

Enthymeme: This is yet another great alternative take on the topic, and the artistic and technical details contained in this piece (which really emerge in wonderful ways thanks to the video you also provided in the entry thread) are really admirable.

SonnySee: I love the idea and appreciate the way you used various tools and techniques to develop your image.

DoriNori: A very ghostly image full of the sense of supernatural! The Pac-Man ghost in the background and what appear to me to be dots along the wall on the left make me wonder if this could be “Pac-Man’s Basement” :slight_smile:

caz747: Another nice example of using multiple tools to achieve the image you had in mind! The wave modifier on the water works perfectly here. The water is also convincing. Back in 2005, I tried my hand at visualizing the Lady of the Lake, and it was fun. Your sword is far more realistic than what I made back then :slight_smile:

Helge: Such a happy creature! His horn could also double up as a party hat =) The colors in this piece really help to support the undeniable cuteness here! Also loved your “supernatural bump.”

Photox: Excellent work, as usual, and the face between the trees really helps underscore the hauntingly supernatural presence in this scene. I also admire the very artistic approach to this image!

LeoBlenderToon: Very nice use of toon shading and lines in this piece! Compositionally, this is also very nicely arranged (both in terms of “the rule of thirds” and nearly the “golden ratio”). Very effective!

TenRado: This is yet another nice example of taking a imaginative and compelling approach to the challenge topic!


Congrats, purbosky. A nice spooky image there.

Thanks, RobertT, for the comments. It was nice to see your version of Lady of the Lake. The kind of water splashes in it was something I was trying to achieve, but it sadly eluded me. Your sword look cool though.

Congrats, purbosky!
You made me think with your art result!!
It was nice to start my blender artist stay with this great weekend challenge!
I will apply an entry for the next one, for sure!!
Thanks, RobertT for your comments.
i will do my best to improve my results!!!

Regarding the concerns related to external textures of the previous week… Apparently more voted entries did not need very complex textures to succeed :wink:

@purbosky, congratulations! Minimalist but very artistic and expressive entry!

@RobertT, thanks for taking the time for review each entry, and thank you for the kind words.

@Helge, beautiful and colorful entry. The atmosphere brought to my mind the scene of Cosmos Laundromat with the new world of Franck as a caterpillar :slight_smile:

Congrats purbosky! I’m loving the shapes going on in your image. A well deserved win! :slight_smile:

If anyone is interested in checking out the blend for my entry, I uploaded it to Blendswap. I’m really excited for Blender 2.8’s Eevee and the possibilities it brings, so in the spirit of collaboration, check it out!

And here’s a preview of it, for those who haven’t seen:

Thanks Robert. It’s always good to have a few entries which work for the weekend challenge and the kids bedrooms at the same time. :slight_smile:

Thank you all! There are many great entries too!

“I wonder what it had for breakfast…”
@RobertT: it had slept for millennia and just woke up maybe… lol.
Thanks for the feedback, looks like a quite busy node setup on your entry.

@LeoBlenderToon: welcome to the challenge and will be waiting for your next ones.

@Enthymeme: great animation, can’t wait for v2.8 too!

“The Truth Is Out There!”
@Helge: I wonder if you’ll make something related to that phrase…

Btw, it’s nice to see this forum has become more lively with feedback and such. :slight_smile: