Challenge #747 Voting CLOSED

I didn’t vote in the poll. Instead I’d like to dedicate my non-counting vote to robproctor83’s non-competing entry. :smiley: Very nice work.

robproctor83; Render png’s and add them to strip in VSE next time.

Well this sucks, it seems that my blender install is corrupted in some way because when ever I try to render an animation it crashes after a few frames :frowning: I’m sure it probably has something to do with one of my dozens of plugins and that I’m on an earlier beta version of 2.79. I want to update to the latest version but I’ve customized blender so much that I am dreading having to redo everything on a new version.

@robproctor83 I think there is option to import your user preferences to newer version

@robproctor83 do any error messages show up?

Whenever you install a new version, the first time you open it there’s an option on the splash screen that let you import previous preferences.

Hey guys, there may be a slight problem though, rather than using a full install I opted to work off the portable install, I’m not sure if a regular import is going to work, but I’ll try and see if it still works or not.

By the way, I don’t see any errors, it’s possible that there are errors but since it’s happening when I am away from the computer I’m not really sure. When I get back to the computer it’s just closed, no errors or anything. It’s possible there is some log file that is getting written to though, but I am not sure.

Go to your:
C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender
there you have folders named with blender version. Just copy the files inside to the newest version :smiley:

I wonder what people would come up with if the theme was titled “…Wait, what?”

In particular, I thought of having some guys uncover some ancient ruins with a stone monument that has KFC printed on it.

Some comments on the entries:

DM9: Nice model and lighting. The contrast between the colours is also very pretty.

FriZan: Interesting take on what a voxel is. I remember having a lot of fun with these pin screens as a kid.

RayVelcoro: Really liked the scene of heat and fire in this scene. The reflections on the floor and the background helped improve this feeling.

Fulip: Very interesting contrast between rough voxels and fancy effects like water and volumetric lighting. The story here is pretty nice, with many objects interacting with each other. It makes me want to explore the place.

fcharr: That’s gotta be the least amount of effort you need to go from the default cube to a finished scene :wink:

Ansaar13: The character looks nice and the atmosphere is interesting, but the overall scene is way too dark: I can barely make out the face of the creature.

didierv: Loved the double meaning of “badly unwrapped” here :wink: I wonder how many digital people I guy with bad unwrapping…
The characters are cute, and I liked the details around the crime scene (e.g., the crowbar). I also liked the cubic wheel. The lighting looks a bit arbitrary (it looks neither like the sun nor like an artificial lamp), but the important parts are bright enough (though I think they could be brighter).

M2o: Man, if the Voxel police weren’t trouble enough, the sheriff of Voxel Town had to show up! We’ll all end up in jail! Loved the details and colours in this one. The sheriff looks quite the badass!

BladeManEXE: I liked the visual flow here: My attention is first draw to the bottom left, and then it follows the mountain up and right, where it finds the final point of interest in the picture. The lighting made the snow look pretty cool. The dirt looks a bit weird though, some vegetation or rocks would be nice.

purbosky: Nice colour contrast. I liked the organic feeling here, with each strand being slightly different.

PyBlend: That reminds me a video I saw long ago about minecraft, where some people built the Earth with the game. I suppose making it with blender was twice as fun and half the effort :wink:

RC12: The eggs stand out nicely and also make me curious: What animal lays glowing eggs? Some particles are overlapping though, and the way that they are randomly scattered does not give the image that “voxel effect”.

beau11: That astronaut really livened up the scene (though I suppose being outside the rocket while it is speeding might be quite deadly). The rocket is pretty cute, and I also liked the motion-blur effect (ok, I don’t how it is called. Visual echo? Ah, the way the rocket appears as a ghost multiple times). I think the saucer and the rocket are competing too much for attention, trying to give only one of them more importance would be nice.

skadoosh: Beautiful lighting. I liked how the objects modelled all naturally have 90 degree angles, and so the voxels feel natural. The window really helped to give the scene more life. I think you could have cropped the empty sides of the image though.

FlyingBanana: Aw, poor guy…don’t cry! Though I think it is easy to say that when I don’t live in a world with a red-green checker floor. That must hurt his eyes pretty badly :wink:

mirek_snd: Loved the lighting and shadows here. This looks like a really tall structure. Despite the repetitive structure, you managed to draw attention to the big hole in the middle.

caz747: Ha! I never thought about what happened to the poor little fellows, but this never ending downwards stairways must be the hell for the space invader fellows. I also loved how you made a optic illusion in blender. Though the absence of lighting in only one side of the steps gave it away.

fdo: Interesting atmosphere, and nice fireplace. I’m still wondering if the plate on the floor is for the dog or if someone fell down from the chair, but saved their food! I found interesting how this is a “slice” of a room, yet the carpet is falling of one edge. The scene is a bit too dark though, and there are too many high-contrast spots.

GrimZA: Nice camouflaged model. Looks like something one could see in a game. The scene looks a bit empty, though.

franck: I liked how this looks voxelized and smooth at the same time. The colour contrast is also nice.

Bunnyhog27: I liked the way that the background and the clouds are made of voxels, though the ground ending abruptly looks a bit odd.

Miatpi: So cute! The lighting makes the kitten look so lonely (increasing cuteness), and it looks so interested in that colourful flower.

joshwinkler3d: I suppose this is the modern Voxel Town :wink: The composition is pretty nice, and it has that “first-person” feeling: I feel like I’m the passenger waiting for the train to arrive.

bazevedo: Nice usage of desaturation. I also liked rough feeling of the rocks. The skull, being brighter, stands out nicely from the rest of the image.

str11: Nice model and colouring. The shadows are also cool, but I think the scene looks a bit too empty.

mattthecat: I liked the close up. It took me a while to realize that it was a ball (I thought it was a pumpkin at first), but that is precisely what I liked. It’s also cool how you exagerated the stripes of a basketball.

OLG: Really nice colours, and a pretty cool model. The pose is a bit confusing to me, but I don’t understand much about sorcery.

PyBlend: A cubed companion cube! I think this is a nice voxelized version of the original. The heart is also pretty.

RobertT: Whoah, impressive contrast between light and dark. I liked the model of the guy in the middle and how you recreated a well know sculpture. The overall abstract feeling of the scene is also pretty cool.

robproctor83: The amount of detail here is amazing. It looks like a scale model. Also, I think the voxels worked here pretty well: They made the roofs stand out more, and fit the bricks of the walls pretty well. The lighting on the right is also very nice.

Helge: Really cool lighting (as usual). I wonder if the UFO is taking away that block. I also liked the usage of “discrete” in the title :slight_smile:
That framing is quite interesting, as if this were a picture within a picture.

@Millani thank you so much for taking the time to write all of that, very kind of you. I appreciate your compliment as well, I always love getting feedback =) so thank you thank you

@Skadoosh and anyone else following my previous post, the user config files were there, yay =) It looks like the most important part, the hot keys, made it over perfect. It looks like only half the addons were in that directory though, there were a lot of addons I installed in the portable directory, which I suppose was the wrong place to put them, but I’ll get those moved over no problem.

I’ll let the animation render out again tonight, hopefully it works. I wonder what would be causing it to crash consistently during renders, strange… Maybe I’ll send it out to get rendered at a render farm =) ha I wish.

Thanks Millani! I think this scene contains the second strongest point light I ever used (strength: 500.000). Only the #710 no gravity light was stronger (60.000.000). In a way, this just doesn’t feel right… I’ll have to investigate if there isn’t another way.
Is the UFO taking away or delivering the block? I’m not sure. Maybe both - stealing it from one place and building its own pyramid somewhere else. :wink:
[And I’m glad you noticed the title!]

A few thought:

@DM9: This is a great entry! And the lighting really makes it stand out. I wonder if you just created a new sub-challenge: Highest scoring first entry. :slight_smile:

@FriZan: Nice! I always wanted to build a real one of these - but if you think about it, this isn’t something you would want to create by hand…

@RayVelcoro: That looks painful. :wink: Did you use any kind of simulation for this or did you model it by hand? It would probably make a nice animation as well.

@Fulip: I see why this is getting so many votes. As Millani said, this looks like a great place to check out.
(And apart from that is is very nicely done from both a technical and aesthetic perspective.)

@fcharr: Sub-Voxels! I thought in a similar direction at first, but couldn’t make something up. Btw. are you still in Portugal? Hope you are far away from the fires …

@Ansaar13: I don’t know nothing about pokemons, so I have to trust you on this one. It seems to be a nice model. I think you could strengthen the dramatic effect with a few changes to the lighting. It’s all there, maybe just a little tweaking. :slight_smile:

@didierv: Thanks! I really hoped someone would create the voxel police. This is a very funny entry and containing a lot of nice details (e.g. the VCPD sign on the car).

@M2o: This is where my vote went. However, I’m not sure if I would want to enter that town. I have a slight Rambo 1 feeling when looking at the sheriff. What is his name? Teasle?

@BladeManEXE: It was a good decision to add the second person on top of the mountain. This brings both life and visual depth to the image.

@purbosky: I’m currently (still) reading Jurassic Park. This reminds me of the manipulations they had to do in order to recreate a few dinosaurs. It’s all in the voxels. :slight_smile:

@PyBlend: That must have been fun. It’s a fascinating entry from a technical point of view and it looks nice at the same time.

@RC12: I found similar eggs in our garden last week. I think some insect must have placed them there. I wonder how the voxel being looked like.

@beau11: Surprise: I really like UFOs. :slight_smile: (The astronaut is a very nice addition/detail.)

@skadoosh: At first I didn’t see the voxels - and then I noticed, they are everywhere. :slight_smile: Nice! (And great looking!)

@FlyingBanana: So sad! Don’t let the ‘Smiley Licensing Corporation’ see this :wink: I first heard of them when I had a close look at the Evolution movie poster

@mirek_snd: I ofen wondered what I could use a menger sponge mesh for. This seems to be the answer.

@caz747: Escher meets Pac-Man. Great idea!

@fdo: I’m not completely sure what happened, but the events of that evening seems to have been rather dramatic. Nice entry.

@GrimZA: To bad you didn’t have more time. But the resulting object is a nice one nonetheless.

@franck: This reminds me of something… not sure… but I like it. :slight_smile:

@Bunnyhog27: This one would make a great animation, too. I can almost see the earth shaking and the volcanot builing up in some kind of time lapse.

@Miatpi: Voxel-Cat! If my wife had an blenderartists account there would probably be an additional vote on your entry. Very cute!

@joshwinkler3d: I guess, some Tube stations can be considered art. This is one of them. Very nice!

@bazevedo: Great entry! I really like the rocks. The chaotic rotation of the segments makes this very interesting. It’s fun to look at.

@str11: Nice model. Maybe DM9 can print one or two of these. :slight_smile:

@Millani: Before seeing the entry I would have guessed you were going for the Hermannsdenkmal. On the other hand, that would probably have been a little too much for one weekend :slight_smile: I haven’t been to Berlin very often but you picked a nice spot. Beautiful entry!

@mattthecat: I too, thought of a pumpkin at first (probably because of bazevedo). And I still think that it would be fun to try playing a few round with a pumpkin. :wink:

@OLG: This would make nice sculpture. I’m not sure about current filament prices, but… what do you think DM9?

@RobertT: Spectacular, again :slight_smile: Maybe we could all pay Paris a visit, everyone would sneak a few voxels into the museum and we could rebuild The Rethinker right next to The Thinker. Nobody could stop us :slight_smile: (OK, maybe we would have to run in the end…)

@robproctor83: You do not disappoint. I thought you may have needed a little break after the race over the last few weekends. I’m glad this wasn’t the case. Very nice entry. I like details and there are a lot of those present in this one! (One last thing: we were talking about the same tree. :-))

And… the winner of Weekend Challenge 747 with 20.69% of the votes is… Fulip!
Here’s to all the great participators…

DM9 : 9 : 15.52%
FriZan : 1 : 1.72%
RayVelcoro : 1 : 1.72%
Fulip : 12 : 20.69%
fcharr : 0 : 0%
Ansaar13 : 0 : 0%
didierv : 3 : 5.17%
M2o : 8 : 13.79%
BladeManEXE : 0 : 0%
purbosky : 1 : 1.72%
PyBlend : 0 : 0%
RC12 : 1 : 1.72%
beau11 : 1 : 1.72%
skadoosh : 4 : 6.9%
FlyingBanana : 0 : 0%
mirek_snd : 2 : 3.45%
caz747 : 0 : 0%
fdo : 1 : 1.72%
GrimZA : 0 : 0%
franck : 0 : 0%
Bunnyhog27 : 0 : 0%
Miatpi : 7 : 12.07%
joshwinkler3d : 0 : 0%
bazevedo : 4 : 6.9%
str11 : 2 : 3.45%
Millani : 1 : 1.72%
mattthecat : 0 : 0%
Voxel Bay

Oh, by the way, I noticed a new plugin came out today on Blender Market, it looks like a good remesh alternative to create voxel/block art in Bleder, however it’s a bit pricey (currently $50). Too bad this wasn’t out a week ago when the challenge was going on, I would had maybe picked it up… Dang if it weren’t so expensive I would still get it, but… I don’t see why it’s so much.

Also, in the spirit of sharing addons, I wanted to share this other one with you guys. I fond it on Blender Nation the other day (a great site for everything Blender) and it’s basically a real time preview of your textures in Substance Painter. This plugin is also one of the reasons I wanted to upgrade to 79! From the demo it looks like you can be painting in Substance Painter and see your updates immediately in Blender. Now, for some reason SP2 runs very slow for me, so I don’t know if this will really work too well, but we’ll find out. Also, this one is free, but you should donate a little if you like it.

Cya guys

Congrats Fulip I knew it was a major contender! Well done. :slight_smile:

Oh the contest is over! Fulip is the new champ! That means… My picture… My glorious picture… Will soon come down and be forgotten… Lost in the sands of time, never to be seen again… sniff I’ll miss you my old render, maybe one day one of your children will get to experience the glory of the throne like their grand pappy once did.

Anyways, not sure why I wrote that. Great render Fulip, can’t wait to see what theme you chose. FYI, for anyone who cares, my entry this week might not be up to par, I’m riding in a parade this weekend so I’ll need to spend a lot of time with that, should be fun hopefully.

And just a quick update, again for anyone who cares, I got the rest of the plugins and things setup on 2.79 and it’s AMAZE! Wow it’s so much faster, I am literally surprised. I just opened up a scene that was previously super slow and now it’s much much faster. Still a little laggy, but it’s probably 90% improved. I’m so happy! I probably shouldn’t have been using an unstable beta version from like 3 months ago… Anyways, hopefully the animation will render.

And Helge, by the way, thanks for the nice words, they mean a lot. Cya in the next comp.

You about made me spew coffee all over my tablet when I read your response to my sad face Helge. ROFL well played :wink: I also thought maybe the emoji police might come take me away.

Fulip, congrats.

Millani, Helge, thank you for the comments. I hate to say this but this model literally took 3 minutes to make so pleased with this technique.

For any one that wants to play with this. Added a ManuelBastioni human figure and assigned the sorceress pose it (one of the pre-built poses), but can be any mesh for this technique.

Assigned a particle system to the mesh and then added a cube as the emitted object. I found it worked better on emission to faces on this model. You can then change size of the cube and number of cubes that will be part of the system. You can also change rotation but kept it the same on mine. Set total life of the particle system to 1 and display parents, unborn and died to display total number of assigned particles. Super quick and easy.

Congrats Fulip! And great job everyone!

thx Helge, Millani :slight_smile: I’m still in southern Portugal, far away from those pesky fires.