Challenge #752 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme:

default cube

After 2 days of voting, a winner is declared: The voting will close on Wednesday.
The winner picks the theme for next week.

[ If the winner doesn’t supply a theme before Thursday 22:30 GMT, the organizer will select the theme. In this case, the winner’s theme will be used the next time we are lacking a theme on Thursday 22:30 GMT. :slight_smile: ]

Having selected the theme, the winner will not be eligible to enter that week. They may however still submit an image, but it won’t be included in the voting.

Pure Entries

  • bazevedo
    Blender Purgatory

  • Lux
    The Making Of Default Blender Cube

  • CartoJary
    Default Cube Golden

  • RC12
    Collision Course

  • FlyingBanana
    We didn’t mean to get in the way

  • DM9

  • mckeephoto
    Night at the Museum

  • purbosky

  • RayVelcoro
    Boxed Love

  • skadoosh
    Out of ̶m̶e̶m̶o̶r̶y̶ space

  • MDO2010
    Idea Box

  • Advent Crown
    Birth of the First Cube

  • Photox
    Sphere Overlords

  • g60

  • fdo
    have a break

  • Fulip
    The One Cube

  • YAFU
    Surprise in default cube!

  • didierv
    Mesh protesters demand a new default.

  • usernew
    Pyrite Crystal

  • Evivivi
    Abstract Wallpaper

  • Millani
    The Ugly Cubeling

  • fcharr
    Step One

  • caz747
    Houston, we have a problem.

  • Ryeath
    Cubic Possiblilty

  • Munno101
    The Simplicity.

  • Bunnyhog27
    Dreams of a Default Cube

  • Dragonfire

  • FuzzyPeachApple
    Certified Cube Technichian

  • PyBlend
    Default Cube: Origins

  • finalbarrage
    Rubix Cube

  • unyxium
    Titled the Mysterious Cube Lantern.

  • amirkh195
    Cube world

  • joshwinkler3d
    The Lost Cube

  • david.speer
    The Fabulous Default Cube

  • Duddits
    Cube and modifiers

  • str11

  • oJB
    Creation of a Default Cube

Open Entries

  • FriZan
    Endless Possibilities
    (Open entry, because of the public domain horse model I used.)

  • Gordi
    Default Cube of Lament
    (I am calling this open as the texture was from Papercraft.)

Non-competing Entries

  • Unicornaphobist

  • robproctor83
    Living On A Cube

  • OLG
    Cube Squared

  • beau11

  • Helge

  • RobertT

  • 3dmad
    Homework :wink:

  • didierv
    MeatBalls are tastier!

  • DaN_
    Da Dans CUBE

Nice entries everyone and interesting ideas as well for default cube.

Wonderful entries - and so many of them. I had to split the list into two posts as this time we hit the 10.000 characters limit.

And we have new entry records (again):

New 2017 records:
Total entries: 47 (#752 “default cube”, theme by beau11)
Competing entries: 39 (#752 “default cube”, theme by beau11)
Non-Competing entries: 8 (#752 “default cube”, theme by beau11)

Obviously, this has been a great theme choice by beau11!

Agh, a little off topic, but I just realized I made a huge mistake. I was running out of space on my SSD the other day so I was cleaning out old files. My 3D dev folders have gotten gigantic so I had to do some cleaning. Anyways, I moved all the assets to an external drive, but I deleted all my hand painted textures! I thought they were already embedded into the blend files, for some stupid reason and didn’t check to make sure… But no, they arent! So why the hell are my blends so large if the textures aren’t even in there! A million polys is that much space? AGH so annoying.

Helge, your entries always have a nice painted style of look to them, do you go back over them in Photoshop or something? I wish I knew what you did to get that look on your textures. Also, you put a gallery together yet? =)

And to think I almost submitted non compete.

My vote went to Photox. Story, composition, execution all wonderful. Nice job. Im glad this theme was such a hit!

@Gordi, this is the cube from Hellraiser (80s horror movie), … I never understood why the lament so much, it’s ok to lament, especially in their situation.

Whoa, with 39 entries, getting a single vote is already a victory. Hell, getting half a vote would already be something!

For me, the entries from str11, RayVelcoro and bazevedo are tied as best. I had to make a somewhat arbitrary choice in the end.

Say, considering that the challenge is getting very popular, is there any chance for us to get a fancier poll? Like, for example, with the possibility of each voter choosing 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, each receiving 3,2 and 1 points, respectively?

Thx for your kind words, Millani. I had ur entry on my short-list as well. But since you already had one vote I gave mine to Advent Crown’s ‘Birth of the First Cube’, who absolutely deserves a vote too!

Nice one, Helge.

Thanks Modron!

Too kind, Rob! Most times, using curves for optimizing lightness and contrast is all I do after rendering. (Although, I have to say, spending a little time inside the compositor can do a LOT of magic.) If I can avoid it, I do not use many image textures for Weekend Challenge entries. And if I can get away with procedural textures and or a little vertex painting this usually saves a lot of time.
Regarding the painted look: I really like that in images, as it can help to forget that the image came out of a render engine.
However, I haven’t done much here. I think much of the illusion may be the result of my usual (over-) use of camera DOF-setting, lighting and low sample/denoising/JPG artifacts.

Of course, there is still a lot which I could have worked on. You mentioned some valid points in the entry thread (thanks for that btw. I’ll keep an ‘eye’ on it.) But I’m trying to get back to my usual 1 night per entry timing - so I have to look for reasonable compromises. :slight_smile:

Still no gallery - but I didn’t forget. :wink:

You would have to ask the mods or admins for that. But I think it would cause a lot of work to have that integrated into the current board. Be that as it may, even a simple poll can be very effective - if there are enough votes. (And voting has also become more popular lately.) But who knows what the future will bring …

With moderation releasing DaN_'s entry (which was entered well before the deadline), we now have 8 non-competing entries. Because of this, beau11’s theme is currently holding all three records. :slight_smile:

Thanks for kind words.That’s cheers me.
Do you offer a system of points for each vote(like formula one):)?

@bazevedo that’s Interesting wormhole effect.
Did you use refraction shader or something else?

Wow! What an honor!

My vote went to Str11, since he doesnt use any addons I am in awe :slight_smile: My other favorites, besides Helges entry are:


And there are more, but I don’t want to get into all the entries, but those were my favs.

Thank you very much for the vote, RayVelcoro. To me, that’s quite a large complement, I appreciate it!

I like the fact that voters also take into account the story told by the entry, and not just the quality of the render. After all, ‘theoretically’ most users can only spend in the job a couple of hours in two days (weekend).
By the way, I also like that a lot of the entries are telling really interesting stories. This makes it much more enjoyable to watch the participant entries.

@YAFU I completely agree with you on that. Even when I was too chicken to show anything I did in blender I would watch these challenges like a hawk. I loved seeing all the different stories made and concepts created with sometimes just one simple one word theme. Absolutely fascinating.