Challenge #762 Voting CLOSED

thanks Millani :slight_smile:

I think this is a bit more organic. can’t find any decent tutorials for plants…

It was a misspell. In French, It’s ennemi with 2 n, and I didn’t check.
But I hope that you didn’t miss the joke “G.I Joe” :wink:

Thank you all! It was a fun and challenging experience. :slight_smile: I hope you like the theme I chose!

caz747: Did you model Darth Vader? It looks awesome! I loved the reflections on him. I think the image would’ve looked better without the green light. Red-green-blue rarely looks good.

Cheers, Millani, much appreciated. Yes I did model Darth Vader. I think it took me about 12 hours, quite some challenge in itself, and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help of a very good CG Geek tutorial on modelling the dark Lord. Thanks for the tips on the lighting too, we only learn by our mistakes, and I have been learning a lot lately:):RocknRoll:

Always glad to see your comments, they are most helpful.

Another fine crop of entries, great work one and all.