Challenge #778 (18/05/18) Entries CLOSED

Rendering out my final render now, unfortunately it has to be done on cpu cause I have a volumetric cloud in the scene and gpu really distorts it to more of a solid. Wished I would be able to render it on the gpu cause it would only take about 10 minutes but on cpu it is now a shy over 1 hour. Ok my render has been updated and calling it done as the storms have started here and my laptop pukes whenever I mention volumetrics.

thank you , i wanted to re render it, but it took me too damn long to do it, and with the setuation i am in, i dont think ill be able to do it in time
but really thank you for your compliment :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that, it was coming along nicely too. For the lego guy laying down were you going to add in the holes in the feet detail? But on the bright side you can now put a lot more time into this one and maybe even add in that hand you were originally going for as you will have time to pose it realistically and detail it. I will keep an eye on it in the WIP section.

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@alf0 You can easily add a vignette effect with the node editor into the compositor without rendering your scene again. I personally always use this node setup :

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I’ve seen some stunning entries, gonna predict a tight race here!

Here is my non-competing entry:


Pure Blender 2.79, Cycles render, only procedural textures.

This project was inspired by Medieval art renderings of the cosmos and subsequent historic challenges to the Ptolemaic (geocentric / Earth-as-center-of-the-universe) system, leading up to the eventual Copernican Revolution.



Wow. Amazing entries from everyone. This is going to be a tough to figure out who to vote for. They are all very good.

"Arthropoda’s Ark"

non-competing (pure) cycles (128 samples + denoising)


@Helge thanks for the nightmares lol looks great though.

P.S. I have a phobia of just about anything with more than 4 legs (and yes I don’t care for butterflies either)


@Helge I’ll have to agree with @FlyingBanana :wink:


@RobertT I just can’t say it enough. Your work is mesmerizing, I always find myself just staring and getting lost in all the little details and stuff in them. As I said before kind of brings me to my love of Salvador Dali just to see so much in one painting and for it to come together as a whole and not be overwhelming is pure awesomeness.

"Up In the Sky!"
Pure, Cycles, 380 Samples. Post-processing in Photoshop.


Castaway in Outer Space

Pure entry. There appears to be some ants on the dark side of the moon, but I’m not sure what is causing them. I think it is denoising. I would try to fix it, but having some monsters which only appear in the dark is kinda cool, so I’ll leave it there.


A Small, Isolated Community
Pure entry.

150 samples + compositor

@FlyingBanana butterflies are actually very terrifying if you look close enough.


The Little Things
Pure, Cycles, 256 samples + denoising.

I guess the biggest thing became small. Or someone finally had mustard seed faith :wink:


I am unable to edit my previous post so here is my final render.

The Great Caper Caper


These are some really amazing entries this week. - You guys are raising the bar for the challenge pretty high by now. :smiley: - Thumbs up.
I specially like that this time there are so many different creative interpretations of the theme. This will be tough to choose the ONE entry I can vote for. I might change my mind a couple of times. ^^

@DM9 I agree, some pretty awesome entries this week. Will really be interesting to see how the voting goes. Always tends to happen whenever I decide to do a competing entry that there is so many high quality renderings that show up.
Also where is your entry this time around? Hope it is rendering. :slight_smile:

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@FlyingBanana - Thanks so much for the very kind words! I try to do a lot of brainstorming before I begin a project, and, I usually try to go into and come out of it hoping to visualize and convey a variety of things. Sometimes I have to scale back or simplify. This project’s ingredients included Ptolemy, Copernicus, Galileo, among other things, and it was fun trying to fit that all in there somewhere. So glad you liked it!

@DM9 - Like FlyingBanana, I completely agree with you, especially with regards to the differing creative interpretations of the theme. This, for me, is one of the most entertaining and informative aspects of each challenge. It produces a variety, week after week, of aesthetics and ideas, and that is truly remarkable and something which differentiates this community, in such a powerful and positive way, from others online. In this way, everyone always “wins” in some form.

Here’s my entry for the contest… sadly didn’t have time to finish it off completely, it’s pure
Cycles, 200 samples with denoiser:

Home is Somewhere

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