Challenge #778 Voting CLOSED

I like every entry, but @alf0 gets my vote. Excellent story and composition.

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Jesus I return after a year and I see this results.

Awesomely done everyone.


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Very hard to vote. All the images where awesome! Special mentions to alf0, joshwinkler3d, Arethyu and frig. I can’t decide in wich one I’ll vote! :slight_smile:


Wow I just noticed that there is no open entries this time around. :confused:

Yea, true, but I think there are quite a few pure entries that are actually open.

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I agree with you completely there. But to each their own. No worries.

To quote from the rules. It clearly states “if YOU can honestly say to YOURSELF…”, so it does not matter what anyone else thinks, if the Artist honestly says it´s pure, then it´s pure … period. :wink:

Interestingly this week even the final results seem to come in the exact order I would have weighted my vote. … Really the best WEC I have witnessed so far. :smiley:
And yes, my vote went to Millani, since the rendering communicates the story and situation really well in addition to being nicely modeled, textured, framed and lit.

Thank you! I never thought I would manage all those things in one image :wink:

Some comments for everyone:

RayVelcoro: I liked how the tracks sort of fold on themselves. The lights on the sides made them really cute. I just think the contrast is a bit too low, maybe a night scene with stronger lights on the tracks would make this feel more magical.

3dnotguru: Even a tiny nuclear bomb can cause a lot of trouble! Let’s hope the glass will hold out radiation as well! The city looks nice, and I liked the subtle Dr. B. Lenders cup. Is his daughter called Suzanne by any chance?

Ansaar13: Nice take with the 4 seasons, they all look nicely detailed. I think I liked winter most, because of the snowman.

purbosky: Loved the sense of scale here: The ship is tiny in comparison to the green planet, which in turn is nothing next to the huge one, which is minuscule in comparison to the star that is very far away. The ship really made the image special: It is just a small line, but one immediately understands what it is.

FortuneB: That would be a nice ring for an evil mastermind who wants to takeover the world. Makes me wonder if the master smith is God himself. The black space on the top right bothers me a bit, maybe you could’ve zoomed in a bit more on the ring?

alf0: Big foot is bringing some big trouble to this small town! I liked how the electrical cables are getting entangled as the foot steps on them. I also liked the characters up front, the proportions look pretty nice for the style.

FlyingBanana: That’s an interesting philosophical idea. God does not play dice, but he plays marbles :slight_smile: Makes me feel like dust in glass ball, ready to be wiped out as soon as the game finishes. Anyway, I liked the materials of those marbles. Not sure how accurate they are, but they look nice.

fcharr: I liked the double meaning of tiny world: Electronics do look like tiny cities, but are also made of very tiny transistors. The processor cooler looks pretty nice, but I think some of the materials are a bit too glossy. You could’ve also used a particle system to add all tiny bits like capacitors and connections to the board, since it looks a bit too empty right now.

RC12: Loved the rainbow colours of the bubbles. The house is also pretty cute, but the dead trees feel a bit weird with the rest.

unyxium: I found it cool how I only see that it is a small island because of the water reflections and the DOF. I liked all the details on the island, and the flock of birds was a nice touch. I wonder how this would look like in a night scene (maybe add a ferris wheel?)

Iridesium: I really loved the lighting and the clash between imagination (clouds, sun rays) and reality (cup and straws in the background). This feels like a scale model in the eyes of its creator.

joshwinkler3d: Haha, loved the play on words (had to check on a dictionary, but it was worth it). The idea of a tiny robber who steals capers that are much bigger than him is hilarious.

frig: The model of Skeletor Master looks really awesome! It looks like a real toy. I liked how you mixed things that only make sense in a child’s imagination, like a guy who is bigger than a helicopter and a tiny car which is much smaller than the people.

id211: Loved the scale model feel of the image: The waterfall is pretty cool, and the house is very cute. With some small figurines walking around this would look very charming!

OLG: Really cool lens effect, made me a bit dizzy :wink: Seems like a yard from the eyes of a 360 camera held by a flying drone.

3dmad: Haha, poor elephant. Good thing it has a butterfly to hold him, otherwise his weight would crush the earth! Nice work with the crowd of rats, it looks very chaotic. I just don’t understand the purpose of some elements on the scene (like the fire or the B&W castle in the back).

Arethyu: Loved the lighting/colours. This reminds me of an old animation about ants, called A Bug’s Life. The way that the ant is flying away with a backpack in a flower is so cute, I can’t help but to wave goodbye too!

RobertT: Very interesting how you somewhat incorporated a medieval style of painting (flat people, etc.) into a 3d render. The references to astrology are very interesting. Putting the Earth as the centre of the universe shows how people at that time thought that the universe was a tiny place, when it is actually Earth that is tiny compared to the rest. I liked how you played with that idea.

Helge: It is so hilarious how that many-legged critter is doing its best at looking friendly, but it still has a creepy face. Considering all the friends it has (really loved the tiny spider), it must be a nice. bug, though. The material of the centipede looks really nice.


Thanks :slight_smile: Laziness got the better of me. Should have added more chips here and there. And the board itself should have been less glossy.

Thank you Millani :slight_smile:

The fire is was suppose to symbolize hell with all the little evil lying rats burning and the elephant is/was the fallen angel for ignoring them and seeing all their screams for help as just performance art (which of course it was not ;-)). However the elephant seemed to have a last minute change of heart and started to try and save them all from burning with some water. I suppose they might all end up drowning now, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see :-).

The castle is a reference to the “Castle” theme and is in fact a quick version of the image I had in my mind when I saw the theme announced. Although I left out the one person in the tower window which was standing on ledge about to jump.

Happy Blending,

Thanks Millani! They are definitely friendly. However, I see a few problems coming, as soon as the spider starts growing up. :wink:

And… the winner of Weekend Challenge 778 with 17% of the votes is… Millani!
Here’s to all the great participators…

Castaway in Outer Space

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@Millani Congrats! And thanks for the feedback. First time trying to use a spherical camera lens. Not sure if I’ll ever use it again but interesting affect.

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@Millani - Good job on winning this one, and thanks for the feedback - glad the title didn’t get missed :slight_smile:

@UnidayStudio - Thanks, it was a hard decision - so many well done and unique entries.

Thought I would do something different for this one, the texturing for the van was done in Blender, rendered it and fiddled around with it till it fit in the UVs.

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Blockquote I liked the subtle Dr. B. Lenders cup

Actually cup is a photo. I have added label. It is super hard to match 3d model with envoirment texture.

first of all Congrats! @Millani you really earned the win with your nice detailed scene
and think you for your complement, “Big foot is bringing some big trouble to this small town!”

@ZavalasAgent @didierv @UnidayStudio
thank you so much for the support you give me, i think i really should say that this was the first time where people like what i did sens so long time, i even forgot how it feels ,

and thanks to all the Competitors ,and good luck in the next them


@Millani where is the apple? Was searching the whole scene for it… :wink: Congrats on the win. The little guy kind of reminds me of Stewie from Family Guy in a space suit, think it is the head shape.

What do you mean by accurate on mine? They are far from any actual planets. They were procedurally created. And while I was working on that scene I started another short animation with more realistic marbles. Got all 120 frames rendering low sample on my other laptop while I go to bed. Might post it here once it is finished.

@Millani Thanks for the suggestions! Maybe I will try and improve it later.

Thanks, everyone!

Haha, I’m sure the astronaut has some apples inside his space ship :wink:

Oh, I was refering to the marble material being physically accurate, that is if a marble with some coloured stone inside would look like that. I know that planets are not actually made of marbles :smiley: