Challenge #778 Voting CLOSED

Blockquote I liked the subtle Dr. B. Lenders cup

Actually cup is a photo. I have added label. It is super hard to match 3d model with envoirment texture.

first of all Congrats! @Millani you really earned the win with your nice detailed scene
and think you for your complement, “Big foot is bringing some big trouble to this small town!”

@ZavalasAgent @didierv @UnidayStudio
thank you so much for the support you give me, i think i really should say that this was the first time where people like what i did sens so long time, i even forgot how it feels ,

and thanks to all the Competitors ,and good luck in the next them


@Millani where is the apple? Was searching the whole scene for it… :wink: Congrats on the win. The little guy kind of reminds me of Stewie from Family Guy in a space suit, think it is the head shape.

What do you mean by accurate on mine? They are far from any actual planets. They were procedurally created. And while I was working on that scene I started another short animation with more realistic marbles. Got all 120 frames rendering low sample on my other laptop while I go to bed. Might post it here once it is finished.

@Millani Thanks for the suggestions! Maybe I will try and improve it later.

Thanks, everyone!

Haha, I’m sure the astronaut has some apples inside his space ship :wink:

Oh, I was refering to the marble material being physically accurate, that is if a marble with some coloured stone inside would look like that. I know that planets are not actually made of marbles :smiley: