Challenge #78 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Flying Machines

Pure Entries

lived [list:6733d7e273]
These mechanical war machines were left behind by an alien race. They spawned the legends we hear about dragons and wyverns,

and ruled the sky until there fuel sources ran out.

Here is my flying electric wok. I put all kinds of detail on it. Even used booleans on the plug. Too bad it is all blurred

now, but it looks much more real this way I thought.

Ok. i was really busy this weekend, so i had almost no time. it looks like C-R-A-P!! oh well.

It’s AC-70BDHNU (aircraft that cost 70 bilion dolars and have no use):

A jet based loosely on the Blohm & Voss P.212 designs, with some American 1950s styling.


Well, since I am away all weekend and I only had 1 hour this morning, this is all I have done, so I’m not expecting any votes

Flying Citroen BX. (Composition on photo background)

Here is my first weekend challenge entry ever. It is a washerdryercopter. I am pretty limited on worktime this weekend so

cant make any attempt at textureing. maybe ill add more later but not sure.

Here’s my pure entry called “airbot”

Well here it is. I gave up on my previous model about an hour ago. I’m out of time though, so its not going to get any

texturing. It is a pure entry.

I call this invention the Mobile Miniature Camera for secret survailance missions. It is the length of a pencil!

My first entry into any Blender contest

It’s a MKII. Jet Powered Penny Farthing.

In the early 1900’s a pioneering English inventor known as Dr Cobblepot, designed the first jet powered flying machine. Had

he and the machine survived the maiden voyage, the future of air travel would have been very different.

Jay Eff
Dark Angel (Jay-Man’s Evil Conscience)

Is a frisbee really a machine??? (Composition on a photo background)

Open Entries

skeletor [list:6733d7e273]
my entry, unfortunately, this week its open, but check it out

The smoke from the furnace goes thru the pipes working the wing mechenisms. What does not go thru that pipe goes out the pipe facing the rear of boat to help with forward momentum.


Non-Participating Entries
cree [list:6733d7e273]
I entered just as a joke, so here’s my entry. The beerman character I made a long time ago, but I made the flying bike this


just some images i thought fitted the theme and you’d enjoy seeing.

just some images i thought fitted the theme and you’d enjoy seeing.


Hard call, but I went with Sonix. I wish I had more votes to give out.

I always keep my vote as a tie breaker until the very end, but lived would really get my vote otherwise.


This was a hard call, but my vote goes to lived.

Yep, Lived would have been my other choice. Gotta love those env maps though.

My vote goes to lived for interpretation and detail.

My second choice would be Robertt.


I voted for modron…
Hehe , a flying wok.
It just tickled my fancy.

I especially liked Jogi’s, Robert’s, Wiggies, and Sonix’s too though. Oh yeah, BgDM’s too. Hell I think most of the entries were cool.

Love the bike skeletor. Dirt jumping rocks.

WOW. I really wish I had the time this weekend to model something but alas time is gone. I really like lived entry, very nice :slight_smile: and Robert you are getting very good man :slight_smile: , but my vote had to go to Sonix, I love the reflection you added, is that a picture of your house? Anyway good job everyone. :wink:

Well, although I thoroughly enjoyed Lived’s Dragon, I went by the complexity of light and shadow (just to keep y’all on your toes). To this end, I voted for Teo. The thing that got me was the detail through the cockpit glass. Very Groovy. I was impressed with the angles of the craft itself; very intriguing.

I voted for Sonix although it was hard to resist Lived beautiful dragon (mmh gotta love that one) but I think Sonix one best fitted the theme or at least what I would expect from it. (Just my honest opinion)

big applaus to all contestants : you have done some great work


Way to go lived! Very creative, fresh and well executed approach!

Alexandre Rangel

Side note: it would make voting easier if everybody supplied a thumbnail pic…

it was submitted on time!!

Sometimes they get lost in the shuffle. I’m sure it was not intentional. Just message Theeth a reminder. :wink:

Fixed, sorry for the mistake.


I voted for Sonix. Thanks to everyone who liked my entry.


woohoo!!! someone voted for me! :smiley:

I went for Robertt’s entry. I’m kind of a sucker for the art-deco-like design.
Wish I had more votes to spread around. I like Lived’s too. I think that thing has more vertices in it than all that I’ve ever created in Blender, and I’m a big fan of the “Subdivide” buttons.

Coolio Iglesius, looks like my electric wok was a minor success. I really didn’t expect more than 1 or 2 votes, so… COOL!

Throught my ballot in with Teo. I like the simple lines and as was mentioned before the detail of the cockpit. Nice decal work as well, I’d imagine getting those all nicely lined up was a chore in itself.

Sorry I couldn’t get an entry in for this challenge. I’m still having troubles with blender but 2.31a seems to be working better. I want to go back to using 2.26 or earlier but I get the feeling that if I don’t learn 2.3x+ then I’ll be left behind when all kinds of neat new features are added and be starting from scratch… anyways I’m rambling…

Nice work everyone! :smiley: