Challenge #78 Voting CLOSED

my vote goes for lived! just woa

and very nice back story for it! good job dude

Wow, I’m amazed at the quality of work here. :o :o :o

A very hard choice for me though, between six entries that I think stand out the most; Robertt, Teo, @ner, BgDm, Wiggie and Lived whom I voted for. Excellent concept, design modeling and texturing.

Yeah, it’s part of it. I’ve been making a collection of Envmaps that I’ll be making available online soon.

Thanks to all for voting for my entry, good luck to all.

Just amazing work this week. :smiley:


I thought I was going to have time to enter the challenge this week, but it really wouldn’t have mattered. My vote went to Lived, but it was a tough decision.

Actually wasn’t that bad. Luckily the pilot’s name under the canopy lined up on the first go. After that, I could just push the other elements around in Paint Shop and reload the file until I got it how I wanted it. A lot easier than when I’ve tried to put decals on a plastic model!

Fortunately you can only see one side of the jet, or else you would see that all the markings are backwards on the other side :smiley:

well, for the excessive amount of detail. my vote goes to lived. I jsut love the way you made it look so alive! AWESOME!!!

woohoo! i got a vote! i’m really putting up some tough competition :wink:

Well, for the 2 people who voted for me, (and I was not one of them, cause I voted for Lived), thank you. Not even close to being worth a vote IMO this week. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great stuff guys. I hopefully will be participating in more of these in the near future, so watch your backs. :< :wink:


BgDM writes

Not even close to being worth a vote IMO this week.

nonsense. if yours wasn’t worth a vote what does that say about my wok? :stuck_out_tongue:

My vote goes to Lived.
Very cool dragon. Congrats.


Winner: Lived with 41% of the votes



Congrats lived. Excellent entry. Well done everyone. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the support guys.

Good luck with next week everyone.