Challenge #787 (20/07/18) Entries CLOSED

DSLR Lens cutaway
Pure entry.Cycles, 256 samples (branched path tracing). 80 minutes modeling + 90 minutes rendering (intel Core i5-4200 @2.5GHz )

I didn’t know there was so much glass in there until today :laughing:


Nice entry, since u wrote about BPT I had to look it up, glad i did. Lots of use for it! Thx for mentioning.

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Work in progress. Still struggling with the tiny little details amidst a flu.
This will be cutaway of a giant space fruit… lol jk.

— WIP — (finished entry is below)

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"Deadly Nightshade"

non-competing (pure), cycles (256 samples + denoising)


Quicker more comedic entry this week.

“The cutting away of Adam”


Here is my non-competing entry:


Pure Blender 2.79, Cycles, only procedural textures.

Needless to say, please click / tap for full resolution (or perhaps view image directly and expand to 100% in browser).

Low poly / stylized mainly due to time limits, but I think it seems to suit the subject matter :smiley:

Interesting technical note: this was all modeled and rendered in one big scene (a live Cycles render):

Inspired partly by various cinematic “cutting” techniques, such as cross-cutting and cutaways:



I simply loved the squirrel on panel three :smiley:

Stellar Engine

Pure entry. Cycles 512 samples, procedural textures only, all works done in Blender. Also trying out fancy title/caption effect once in a while.

Possible continuation of the story on The Ring (WC #745). Since some details got lost in the glare and due to the view angle, here are some more views:

Still not too satisfied with some details actually, but this should do for now.


Reminds me of Scrat. :laughing:


Open entry. Continued fussing over last week’s model, and added a previously created scene.

She’s wearing a cutaway jacket. I probably should have spent more time on the clothing.
1000 samples with despecling.

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No time this weekend, too busy playing with my raspberries, I have however just scribbled this post, We need to talk about Discourse

Unstable Ground
Pure, competing.

Note: I used the sapling tree addon.

Cycles + compositor, 256 samples for a ~10 minute render.
This took a while to make.
I will be sharing a time-lapse video of the modelling soon. I will update this later and possibly create its own topic.
My channel:



Pure render , the inside of a radio

256 samples. made this yesterday


I wish I was a modeler, I have a cool idea for this one involving a parachute

Slice of Life

Some of my previous entries were used as paintings in some walls, but I think I can still call this pure since I did not reuse any models or textures. Everything else is new, and I used only procedural textures.

I collected some of my entries which had some impact in my Blending life one way or the other. They are organized chronologically, with earlier ones in the bottom and newer ones in the top.

I think this was my first attempt at doing architecture. I did a lot of mistakes (wooden floor looks horrible), and because of the time rooms ended up being way too empty. But I’m happy with it nevertheless.


I am still quite new here, and am not quite sure whether to call this pure or open. To be on the safe side let’s call it OPEN.

The fork model is from BlendSwap, the bread and wood texture are from various locations on the internet. Furthermore, some post-processing in Photoshop to reduce noise and enhance contrast. Let me know if I could have called this a pure entry.


@parclite looks yummy!

"Recycled Rocket"

Non-competing. I rarely use old models, but I’ve been too busy with other projects, the rocket is from an old WEC.

Incredible entries all! One of the best showings ever in my book.


I agree! And very diverse as well! Bravo everyone :smiley:

A very nice use of the shader, OLG!

Love the sparkles as well :smiley: