Challenge #790 (10/08/18) Entries CLOSED

(Michael Litherland) #21

The Sword In The Stone

Pure entry, all materials made with nodes.

Sorry @Ansaar13! I didn’t see yours before I started this.

I’m pretty new to the forum, though I’ve lurked for a while. I saw the contest and thought it would be a fun way to do something different than what I normally work on. Thank you, and looking forward to doing more!

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(Ansaar13) #22

It’s all good man, nice render. I like how you included the knight :grin:

(GIPeN) #23

Indumentaria de huaso

Things from the “huaso”, a typical character from the countries in Chile

Absolutely pure.
Horn and poncho hand painted in blender. Other textures are procedural.
Details of the spurs also had drawn in blender.
1000 samples with denoiser.

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(anas) #24

this is my entrie
the light guy

somewhere in the medal east deserts thy say travelars see a guy with a lantren walking the deserts at night, thy follow thy guy to git some guides from him, but what ever thy do thy just cant reach him, till he takes thim to his ground, and knowone knows what happens to thim

ther is almost no texteures been used for this,
the models were made just now,

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(icyou520) #25

I thought I would UPDATE a classic american folklore: “Paul Bunyan and Babe the blue ox”

I would like to introduce you to “BABY the blue ox” but quiet…, BABY got to go on his very first tree chopping adventure with Paul and Babe. As Paul was gathering all the chopped down trees BABE and BABY got some much needed rest.

Feel great knowing that his nose ring is a clip on.

Baby the blue ox

Mostly Pure, 2000 Samples, and 8 headaches later.

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(atekdigital) #26

Why the tail has no hair or fur. A mesh only

(icyou520) #27

It does at the tip of the tail. Also my computer was really mad at me for this scene and wouldn’t allow anything else to be added. :neutral_face:

(eyelight) #28

No time or energy tonight

(Millani) #29

Guri of Iron

Pure entry. Only procedural textures. I sculpted the shirt and the handkerchief since I have no idea how to get good results out of the cloth simulator.

Similar to GIPeN’s entry, my entry depicts the folklore from south Brazil, more specifically the Gaucho culture. The drink is made with mate, and is called chimarrão in Portuguese. This is a very traditional drink in the region. The red handkerchief also has a historical meaning.

Also, I wanted to make a robot so that’s why there is a robot here. If you’re asking what happened to his left arm, he lost in a bus accident.

To be honest, I think I should’ve focused on the cuia (the “cup” holding the tea), as it looks better than the rest:

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(Millani) #30

Oh, I learned this week about the LoopTools add-on, which is incredibly useful for robots and stuff like that. Somehow I get the feeling that everyone knew about it, except me…

It was such a pain combining circles with squares before…

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(david.speer) #31

Love the loop tools!
So great right?
I was in the dark about them until a few months ago watching a blender course by Denis Osmanbegovic.

Great entry, and i want to know more about this bus accident!!!

(david.speer) #32

Pure entry
The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
Guarded by a quite obviously unposed and unfortunately bald Leprechaun. With the corners i cut on him, i doubt posing would help anyway :slight_smile:
So much of this is in fact still roughed in, pot, trees rainbow, materials.
Hah totally out of time!! It is what it is at this point :slight_smile:

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(david.speer) #33


I’ll be sure to send this over to my sister.
She wanted me to work on Paul Bunyan and Babe the blue ox when i mentioned this weeks theme.
I was 100% certain i couldn’t do it justice in the weekend.
You clearly did!

I really like the composition and warm colors in your render.
Well done :slight_smile:

(icyou520) #34

I appreciate the kind words, after researching a little I found an article about Paul Bunyan that said he was so big his axe dragging behind him created the Grand Canyon. I thought that would be an awesome scene to create, after working on it for 2 hours I trashed the file. It was awful and I almost gave up on the Paul Bunyan idea. Until I thought of BABY.

Good job on your entry, Pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is a great idea!

(Millani) #35

Thanks! The bus accident will have to be a story for another weekend :wink:

(Helge) #36


pure, cycles (1024 samples + denoising)

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Challenge #790 Voting CLOSED

:grin: how to modeling the garlic and material:smile_cat: