Challenge #793 (31/08/18) Entries CLOSED

(Millani) #21

Partied in Half

Non-competing (pure). Everything made within Blender.

I tried to give the candies a bit of motion blur with the compositor, but the effect got quite ugly.

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(GIPeN) #22

After looking at my render with daylight it seems to be too dark, here is a brightness-contrast enhanced version:

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Happy B-Day, Buddy!!

Pure. 500 samples.

Hi everyone! Well, here’s my first entry for the challenge, that is also my very first render in Blender. I’d like to add more elements, but I spent the day at learning a lot of essentials: sculpting, materials, lighting, rigging, etc. So, I think it’s enough for today…

(I don’t know, where I’m supposed to post the thumbnail :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

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(FlyingBanana) #24

@str11 thank you. To be honest though it is just a sun lamp overhead pointing down with a slight angle towards the back wall. Also I thought at first the carpet was a happy accident with its almost animal print look. But after further inspection it was actually just bald patches from the random particle setting and that the carpet emitter actually has thickness it was generating on both sides. So I have fixed that now as well and it is updated with a cleaner 500 sample render.

(Mr Science) #25

Party in Space

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(FlyingBanana) #26

Love the idea of balloons in zero gravity. Saves on helium :wink: Nice rendering.

(david.speer) #27

Party Like a Kitten
Pure 200 samples.
Color correction - Compositor

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(Helge) #28

A quality that seems to get lost a little lately.
I can’t help but tie this to recent (and rather sad) events. But this is a really great entry, nevertheless.

Don’t worry. This isn’t necessary anymore. The rules just haven’t been updated for 1 or 2 thousand years. :wink:


Quick one with eevee, just in time for the deadline xD

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(Esteban Venegas) #30

A beach party

OPEN because a lot of textures of google… again xd

Actually i made this in just a few hours because i left the project in my work xdd

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(FlyingBanana) #31

@RobertT I almost started doing a party line scene but that would have took me too long to model out all kinds of different house setting and phones. And not sure others would know what a party phone line was. I still think you should open up a gallery and sell the prints always enjoy and look forward to your works .

(RobertT) #32

@Helge: Thank you, Helge! My main thinking with this necessarily abstract piece was to illustrate the “messiness” along with the imperfect yet always intersecting and integral aspects of Democracy - and how it, when it works, as it should, through cooperation, it can occur all over the place, corner to corner, not simply emanating from the extremities of one party or another.

@FlyingBanana: Thanks especially for the kind words about the gallery! I wanted to push the sense of a paint-on-paint look using mainly mesh here with multiple lights, and I hoped the final result could seem like something someone might see in a gallery :smiley:

Also: I updated my image, BTW. Larger with more painterly details.