Challenge #794 (07/09/18) Entries CLOSED

(atekdigital) #21

Isometric BUS

Challenge #794 Voting CLOSED
(Millani) #22

Nine Longs Nights for Sixteen Magical Symbols

Pure entry. The Norse runes where “made” with inkscape, and by made I mean I just used a font that had them. The rest was made with Blender using only procedural textures.

The entry is inspired in the following song

The song is in turn based on the Edda from Norse mythology (the second half of the song is in the Norse language). The scene described in the song actually happens in a tree, but I don’t know how to model a tree so I took some… artistic liberties.

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(beau11) #23

Not sure if i’ll finish my entry in time :frowning: High-school is time consuming.

(str11) #24

Spasskaya Tower

Hello there!
This is my pure entry, 1000 samples, used only procedural textures.

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(Photox) #25

"Isometra: Finder of Lost Art"


Isometra is on a mission to recover the missing WEC art, as was promised by the BA devs. @bartv has currently ghosted all forum posts regarding it. One look at Isometra, and you’ll see she won’t take that for an answer.

Challenge #794 Voting CLOSED
(Francisco Charrua) #26

I think it’s because their script crashed towards the end of the import. And now it’s all gone :wink:

(Photox) #27

Well that’s ridiculous, they made promises to people who pledged money, and by reneging at best it’s shady and underhanded – and at worst fraud.

(Michael Litherland) #28

Thank you! This is the fifth week I’ve done the contest and I feel I’ve gotten better already, but lots to learn.



Pure entry.

So I hadn’t touched Blender in a while and thought this challenge would be a nice way to step back into it. Getting used to the shortcuts and all, again.
I’m not very proud of the project since I kept it very simple, but the sole focus for me was to get back into blender and finish a project.
These challenges are a nice way to have a focus and deadline :stuck_out_tongue:


Challenge #794 Voting CLOSED

Here is my entry, had time to work a bit on it during the weekend, everything done in blender, except the wood texture diffuse, which I got from a free website. Rendered with Eevee.
Edit: Oh yeah the text on the note is also a screen grab, i was too lazy to write it myself I guess :stuck_out_tongue:


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(Ansaar13) #31

The Hanging Gardens

My pure, competing entry, rendered with 399 samples. Post-processing done in Blender’s compositor.
Inspired by a mix of Monument Valley (one of the most beautiful games ever, legit) and one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the hanging gardens of Babylon.

Really cool entries so far everyone!:grin:

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(FlyingBanana) #32

@WassaBlender ummmm is that what I think it is peeking around the bottom corner of the toxic wall? A half-life reference? Headcrabs!

(Arethyu) #33

I love the style of your image, and I love Monument Valley too :grin:

But I’m quite uncomfortable with the framing : why is your focal element cut by the side of your image ? I’d like to see the entire building…

Maybe you still have time to change this :grinning:

But I love your image anyway


Hahaha that would have been a lot better ye. Its just a rat though :stuck_out_tongue:


Metamorphosis Lite

OPEN entry
Inspired by Escher’s Metamorphosis prints. Not completely finished, but I wanted to submit it anyway.
Open because I got the church and house models from Blendswap (thanks, ramonduran and Jeff2207).

Challenge #794 Voting CLOSED
(Ansaar13) #36

I can see why the cutout might be uncomfortable :sweat_smile:
The reason why is because i want it to have some sense of balance, and personally i’d find it weird if that bridge thing is on one side and not the other. Also, if i were to zoom out, the person would barely be visible.

(Arethyu) #37

I understand your point of view
The balance with the character is looking very good and I can’t say which solution is the best.

You got my vote anyway :wink:

(Ansaar13) #38

Wow, thank you :smiley: Your entry is pretty damn good too!