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(david.speer) #42

If anyone knows - I have a quick question about this node setup for procedural edge scratches etc.
I was working with it this weekend and i cant seem to get “just” the glossy node and a texture (like wave) mixed together to have glossy scratch details. Basically any node texture i mix in with the glossy ends up appearing on the entire surface, not just the edges.

I did a bit of googling on it and haven’t come across a helpful procedural path, most examples use external textures - or incredibly complex node groups. I suspect i am just missing something.
If there is a resource or or helpful tutorial reference out there it would make my day.

(MadeWithFeet) #43

Can’t answer your first question but for the second, did you see this:

(str11) #44

Thanks @MadeWithFeet.
I tried to create maximally realistic material for plastic bottle.

(Millani) #45

Thanks! I never tried to do any animation or using eevee. I might try to learn it once I get a computer new enough to be able to render on the GPU. But I actually thought about making a short animation just like the intro of Futurama, featuring the crazy bus driver driving like crazy. Maybe one day… :smiley:

Without the bus driver there, it just wouldn’t be the same :slight_smile:

I think the material looks quite realistic, but they should be dented and crushed a bit. Being nit-picky, there should also be some distortion of the water around the floating objects. And nice render, by the way, you chose a very interesting topic.

(Millani) #46

In my (brief) experience with pointiness, I learned that you need to add a lot of contrast to it. The values often lie in the range 0.5 – 0.54, so it is really annoying to control it with the colour ramp.

(david.speer) #47

Nice find! Yes I will take a peek into this document.
Thank you :slight_smile:

(david.speer) #48

So true. It is so sensitive. It feels less like a controlled setting and more like one of luck to dial it in.
Plus if I switch to a principled (or other) it goes into sad places hah!

(Esteban Venegas) #49

Here is my entry of this week c:

A Careful Fox

Open Entry…
i only work in this a few hours n.ñ

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(str11) #50

Thanks for your feedback as usual ), I’ll try to fix this shortcomings.

(Arethyu) #51

You should use the pointiness value as a mask to control color (or BW) maps instead of shaders: this will be a lot easier to see what you are doing (it’s even better if you use the node wrangler addon). I agree with you: this is super sensitive, so here is a trick: increase the with of your colorramp node and you will have more precision :slight_smile:

I think using bump or normal map add a lot more detail than a roughness map because roughness maps need a very high contrast relative to the roughness of the rest of your model: if your model is almost completely rough, the variations would be barely visible.

So here is the process I would be using :

First I create (or I use) a BW image
Then I use the pointiness value to control the distribution of this map over my model
Then I correct the map with a colorramp node to adjust the contrast of the whole thing
And I use the result to control whatever I wan : Roughness, Normal, Color…

Here is the node setup:

This is the result on Suzanne with roughness only:

This is the result using the bump node and the MixRGB node:

Hope this can help you :smiley:
(and sorry for the eventual English mistakes)

(Helge) #52

“Come On In”

non competing (pure), cycles (2048 samples + denoising)

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(FlyingBanana) #53

@Helge I suddenly picture Kevin from the movie " Home Alone" watching the burglars with an evil grin on his face. Toss in some Lego’s and that would definitely be a no entry zone.

(Helge) #54

That is what I had in mind! :slight_smile:
Actually, I was going to add a few Lego bricks - but it’s getting late and as I’m a little tired lately I should probably start preparing the voting as long as I’m still awake. :wink:

(FlyingBanana) #55

Did I not see it or did last challenge winner didn’t get put on featured row?

(Helge) #56

Now that you mention it - I don’t think it was there. Or I have missed it, as well.

[edit] It isn’t in the feature row history, so I guess @Fweeb just didn’t find the time.

(david.speer) #57

That helps a good bit.
Thank you very much for pointing me in the right way.

(Millani) #58

I’m certain that, if @Helge were responsible for it, this kind of delay wouldn’t happen :slight_smile:

(Jason van Gumster) #59

Was away on travel so posting got delayed. On it now. :slight_smile: