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(MadeWithFeet) #41

Bringing oreos to a word fight is kinda cheating!
Very nice image and the sprinkles vignette effect is clever too.

(MadeWithFeet) #42

It’s an update from the first one that i’ll call finished:

Pure (wall texture from texturehaven and… think the ground is from a blenderguru tut)

@RayVelcoro: played a bit with the light from your idea. Had to tweak power quite a bit but worked well overall. I should use blackbody node more often for lightcolor, bit easier to tweak.

What would i had/change if i wanted to spend more time on it:
First i wouldn’t spend that much time on a material you don’t see the details cause it’s too far/small…
I would had baseboard (?) where the wall meet the floor, to break the sharp unnatural transition, and maybe a pillar in the wall corner.
I’ll add something where the pipe meet the floor, or had a drain hole in it, unsure.
Not sure the wall material fit the scene because bricks like that would be a cleaning nightmare for a bathroom.

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(RayVelcoro) #43

Looking good! Indeed the blackbody node needs more love!

(FlyingBanana) #44

Yeah I moved mine to non-competing. Didn’t quite end up as I hoped so that was the reasoning. Maybe next week I will do better.

(str11) #45

Hard surface

Cycles pure(non competing) 1k samples,filmic,denoising, all objects are made from scracth for this week.
Hey guys!
I’m so glad to see so many high quality entries :slight_smile:

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(Uthu Santuhan) #46


Challenge #796 Voting CLOSED

Urkraft - primordial force

rendered with eevee , the glowing text is a texture with transparency made with a screencap of the word urkraft in runic form, which i edited in photoshop. Unfortunately the particle node isn’t implemented yet on 2.8 so the particles coming out of the lightning aren’t so interesting.

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(RayVelcoro) #48

Nice! I made it in to a .gif for you;

(inky) #49

1st time out … on the weekend challenge (hope i made it on :no_mouth:time
Had to lose the hdr i was using as it caused a cuda error and render on chip which blued things up a bit …nice theme this week …

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(Helge) #50

"Hands Off!"

pure, cycles (1024 samples + denoising)

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(Helge) #51

You are well in time. There are still a few (~10) minutes left.
Welcome on board! :wink:

(inky) #52

hehe thanks !!..Great idea …the weekend challenge ,pleased with finally submitting an entry to one .



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(turtletennis) #54

Thanks! I guess gifs are preferred?

(FlyingBanana) #55

@turtletennis gifs are just nice cause they don’t load ads or require a play button each time the animation ends a gif will just repeat without the user doing anything,