Challenge #797 (28/09/18) Entries CLOSED

(DM9) #21

Thanks, yes, it has been a while… ^^

(RobertT) #22

Here is my non-competing entry:


Pure Blender 2.79, Cycles, only procedural textures.


Challenge #797 Voting CLOSED
(purbosky) #23

Maiden Flight

Pure entry. Cycles 512 samples, procedural textures, compositing in Blender.

Concept based on this old 2D work :

Challenge #797 Voting CLOSED
Challenge #797 Voting CLOSED
(OLG) #24

Post Card from a Bygone Era


Cycles, 3000 samples, hdri lighting, Graswald add-on, Paintshop Pro image filters

P-40 Flying Tiger fighter plane. New model. Super fun practice on applying decal images.

Post Script:

Guys! Wow. All the entries are fabulous. I am totally envious of all your creativity.

Just wanted to share a few more renders with this model.

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Challenge #797 Voting CLOSED
(Ansaar13) #25

My pure competing entry rendered with 399 samples.

Flight of Bricks

Fantastic theme, really got me to step outside of my comfort zone.

Challenge #797 Voting CLOSED
Challenge #797 Voting CLOSED
(alf0) #26

your winning alread man !!!

(atekdigital) #27

Lets Fly

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(DM9) #28

Awesome style, atekdigital, I like it a lot.

(DM9) #29

“Over the rainbow”

Here is the final image, pure, modeled and rendered in BforArtists with some minor color adjustments in Affinity Photo afterwards. - This one is about the joy of aviation and flying around in a candy colored world. ^^
Have a great weekend everyone.

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(beau11) #30

Gosh how can we compete!! I was wondering how you make lighting planes that don’t show up in the render? I can’t seem to find that setting…

(DM9) #31

That one´s easy and quite essential to “fake” lighting where needed.
In the object properties there is a “Cycles Setting” rollout, where you can choose the ray visibility for every object in the scene, you can not only hide it from the camera, but also from reflection, refraction, diffuse, etc. - Very handy. :wink:

  • As for the lighting I used the light plane as a fill light from the right and two suns, one big one for soft lighting, that illuminates the scene, but is hidden from the reflection and a small one, that shows up in the hightlights of the eyes and on the plane.

(beau11) #32

Thanks a bunch! I’m so used to having to strategically place the planes just out of sight of the camera :stuck_out_tongue:

(DM9) #33

In a way that´s more realistic, since photographers have to deal with that as well. Although for complex product photography they usually do multiple shots with and without the lights, so they can easily eliminate the lightboxes in Photoshop later. - That´s easier in 3d land. ^^

(MadeWithFeet) #34

Update on Acrobatic Suzy
Still a Pure entry

The nose cone you barely see was very annoying with having clean propeller hole …

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(Uthu Santuhan) #35

Wooow! This is very 2 cute and nice braaah. I vote!

(UserGreat) #36

Ahhh, hope I’ll finish my scene on time

(Francisco Charrua) #37

Brave New World

Pure entry, 2000 samples.

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(fdo) #38


although the model is far from finished i quickly put everything from 2.79 to 2.8 and did an eevee render.

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(GIPeN) #39

“Aviaition in the plane”

Pure entry, 10000 samples, thanks to SheepIt render farm

Looking for inspiration I discovered this cocktail called aviation.

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(Fortune Bowson) #40


Everything except hdri is made in blender for this challenge.

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