Challenge #797 (28/09/18) Entries CLOSED

(DM9) #41

Nice I was curious about that, how does this mysterious technique work to keep the surface continuity across all panels and details?


great one, that was actually my idea , to reconstruct the shot by eggleston

(MadeWithFeet) #43

Clean render but i wonder if the 10k samples were really needed or it was more cause sheepit was available ?

(GIPeN) #44

It’s noisy because it’s enclosed in a big cylinder to get the light through the window and some warm lights inside.
I tried using denoiser but it gave weird artifacts in the bright parts.

(Helge) #45

"69°16′S, 158°47′E (Aviation Islands)"

pure (competing), cycles (256 samples + denoising)

Challenge #797 Voting CLOSED
(UserGreat) #46

Hangar and one jet in the forest. Pure, 500 samples.

Challenge #797 Voting CLOSED
(joshwinkler3d) #47

Loads of great entries, some I can already see winning.

Here’s mine


Open (due to background use as part of the image)

Challenge #797 Voting CLOSED
(Millani) #48


Pure entry. The “14 bis” letters where made with Inkscape, the rest was in Blender with procedural textures.

I tried to model the 14-bis airplane made by Santos Dumont in the beginning of the 20th century. Quite unhappy with the result (mine, not his), but watcha gonna do?

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(str11) #49

The Caspian Sea Monster

Hey guys this is my pure entry, @Photox thanks for your extra time :slightly_smiling_face: .I decided to create old soviet ekranoplan, all done in blender ,also used ocean modifier and some post processing with blender compositing.

Challenge #797 Voting CLOSED
(DM9) #50

What a machine. oO …
Very cool model and rendering, only I would expect some impact of that massive plane to the water somehow.

(str11) #51


You’re meaning, that I need to add water splash?

(DM9) #52

Yes, more like a big wake behind the plane due to the turbulence. … Like this…
or this …

(str11) #53

Do you know how to create this effect in blender(maybe fluidsim or alpha images)?

(DM9) #54

There are plenty of options to achieve this, alpha images, a rough modeled foam with some displacement modifiers and a volume absorption shader, maybe a particle system or since you used the ocean modifier already something like this?

What ever works. :smiley:

(str11) #55

I checked out this video, and that’s so simple :smiley: .
Thanks for help.

(GIPeN) #56

Those planes are touching the water, I think if it just fly it wont leave a trail, like this:
unles it i has a jet engine towards the water or is really fast

(Francisco Charrua) #57

what happened to our votes?

(FlyingBanana) #58

the votes are still there. In the Voting thread.

(Francisco Charrua) #59

I don’t see the thread

(Helge) #60

Does it show up if you open it directly?

Maybe you are getting a different listing. This can (for example) happen accidentally if you change the view from ‘Latest’ to ‘Top’ or ‘Unanswered’.