Challenge #797 (28/09/18) Entries CLOSED

(Francisco Charrua) #61

thanks :slight_smile:

I think something broke. My view is set to latest, yet, I see no voting thread.
And yes, if I click on the link you provided, it takes me to the voting thread.

( #62

If you mean the reflection, the body is a single mesh and the duplicated pieces are shrink wrapped to it and inherit the reflection.

(Francisco Charrua) #63

nvm, turns out the post was muted. I must have inadvertently clicked / pressed a key.

(DM9) #64

Ah, ok, thanks for the tip. I did not know that shrink wrap can work like that. - How would you go about cutouts like headlights or air intakes? Model them in the base mesh or in the one, that get´s shrink wrapped?

(turtletennis) #65

cool, love the style!

I’m not sure about the bomb suddenly going backwards, though. It should start at the same horizontal speed as the plane and slow down slightly, but not go backwards, unless the camera is following the plane

( #66

You model them on the shrink wrap version, you can add extra loop cuts to sharpen corners without affecting the smoothness of the mesh.

This is very messy but it does the trick.
Shrink.blend (470.4 KB)

(DM9) #67

Ok, that´s what I figured, cool technique! … But for adding the details like an air intake for instance it is necessary to apply the shrinkwrap modifier? Or is there a way to keep the mesh “live” and adjust the base mesh afterwards, and the detailed mesh updates to the new shape? - I am asking, since if it can be kept “live” this would be a great tool for product designing, while if you have to freeze the basic form before adding all of the details the design has to be rock solid already, since the shape can´t be changed without remodeling everything if any changes would occur.

( #68

You can use vertex groups to separate parts of the mesh, you can even apply the shrinkwrap modifier and then just use the the shrink wrap mesh with all the details as the new base mesh to work further on it. Can also use multiple shrink wrap modifiers on the same object that are tuned to different base meshes and then play with the weight value to transition between the two.

(Francisco Charrua) #69

Low Poly Man

The weekend ended up being busier than I thought. I’ll see what I can do tomorrow.