Challenge #797 Voting CLOSED


(UserGreat) #41

Gongrats, @DM9!

(OLG) #42

@FlyingBanana, that was too subtle. lol. Nicely done.

A-10s were based out of the local air base up to just a few years ago. They’ve been reassigned but I used to see them flying around all the time. There are still static displays at the unit command building. They are pretty bad ass.

(FlyingBanana) #43

@OLG yeah I was a military brat. My dad used to work on the armament of them and many others in the Air Force. I wouldn’t blink twice seeing a F111 F4 15,16 flying around but I would stop and watch the A10 each and every time one went overhead. Says something when ground troops still prefer them over all the modern bells and whistle fly by wire craft.

(Photox) #44

Just a perfect render. It’s a rare image that universally brings a smile, well done.

(purbosky) #45

I once drew this watercolor failure. So wow, lol! :laughing:

(joshwinkler3d) #46

I wouldn’t call that a failure :slight_smile:

(FlyingBanana) #47

I agree with @joshwinkler3d thats far from failure there. I like it.

(Draise) #48

Nice work @DM9!!! Love it. A Clear winner.