Challenge #798 (05/10/18) Entries CLOSED

(Millani) #42

@Helge I wonder how well the player works while on flight :smiley:
I wonder if it could be used to distract predators…

Not that I want to crash the party, but there seems to be only 8 competing entries. Being able to vote on 3 out of 8 seems a bit too much, very likely causing a tie. How about max = 2?

(FlyingBanana) #43

@Kobold Sometimes the standout/expected doesnt get voted on and sometimes they do. so you never know.

(RobertT) #44

Here is my non-competing entry:


Pure Blender 2.79, Cycles, only procedural textures.


Challenge #798 Voting CLOSED
(david.speer) #45

The Walking Reds
Pure - procedural textures

Liberties were taken around the science experiment where potatoes are used to light a light bulb. :slight_smile:

Challenge #798 Voting CLOSED
(Michael Jones) #46
  1. “Smile Big, Cry Little” bionic. This is my redemption attempt entry… as I felt my Mega Man X entry sucked… after seeing all the cool stuff rolling in after what I have done previously. Pretty simple… Textured in Substance Painter, original Art, rendered and modelled in Blender, no photoshopping done.

  2. “pure” challenge entry.

  3. The image:

  4. No additional comments

Challenge #798 Voting CLOSED
(Helge) #47

Maybe I should have added some kind of enclosure. Well, the original plan featured a gramophone, but I guess that would have made flying more or less impossible. :wink:

Protract, distract, attract, … you never know.

Yes, I noticed. I was expecting a lot more late entries. Of course, there is still some time left but if we stay below 12 competing entries, a max of 2 sounds reasonable to me.

(david.speer) #48

I like this entry. Not a fail at all.
The queen and the connected state are really appealing. The only bit I didn’t care for are the vertical areas on the sides frame it slightly too uniform. I really love the composition where you merged with your previous entry!

(RobertT) #49

@FlyingBanana, @DM9, @MadeWithFeet - Thank you very much for your kindness and enthusiasm :smiley:

I just updated my entry (more samples, higher res, and part of the head antenna was missing).

Awesome works from everyone so far!


(Michael Jones) #50

…I guess so…

but honestly… if I lose against a bionic bacteria with metal balls hanging from it… I won’t be able to justify my existence any longer

I will have to reduce myself to an Autodesk product then… please dear Lord… have mercy


(str11) #51

Awesome work @RobertT.
How do you create it for so short time :smiley: ?
Did you use only poly modelling or yet sculpting?

(PyBlend) #52

A living Network Interface Card
Pure, Competing, Cycles, 256 Samples, Denoising

I ran a little short of time, but hey, it was fun. :grinning:
Well done to all the other entries this week, they all look fantastic.

Challenge #798 Voting CLOSED
(RobertT) #53

Thanks @str11 !

I usually go with mostly polygonal modeling with a symmetry (mirror) modifier for a project such as this, and then I use proportional editing (with various sizes/strengths) more than sculpting, and then many loop-cuts, extrusions, and some instances of remodeling as the mesh builds in size and complexity.

I first approached this (like many of my WC entries) as primarily a speed modeling challenge, but then, as usual, I wanted to refine it and take it further, as much as I could given my present personal time constraints.

I’m glad to have remembered to fix the head antenna :smiley: Lots left I would have loved to push further, but I’m grateful to have gotten this far.

Have a good week!



Huh, just ended rendering.
Pure, rendered in Cycles at 400 samples.
Glasses “Insecto 3000”, I think they should be pluged into the brain directly in some neurological way :slight_smile:
Insects’ eyes are 3 times sharper than ours, they can polarize light, and good at high speed.

Challenge #798 Voting CLOSED
(Helge) #55

Nice to see some late entries. Great job everyone!


@ PyBlend, your idea is brilliant! I hope you’ll work further on this scene! :wink:

(david.speer) #57

RobertT - This model is really… “really” great.
Especially for the timeline when you started.
Well done!

(RobertT) #58

Thanks so much, @david.speer !

I’m glad I was able to obscure (from the camera) a number of its flaws where overlapping mesh, towards the center, got a little too bunched up due to the mirror modifier with clipping on.

This was rendered with the Orthographic setting, and that helped to keep back-of-the-model imperfections out of sight while helping to contribute to the sense of enormity of this bionically enhanced and modernized prehistoric creature :slight_smile:



This is awesome!!!
I’d like to watch a tutorial or a timelapse on this!

(purbosky) #60

Thanks @david.speer ! I actually had difficulties on what to put on the background, tried several props but mostly ended up distracting attention to the focal character due to the bg lighting, finally just tossed some boring columns at the sides, lol.

Love your idea of sweet potato apocalypse, as if the zombie one isn’t enough already! Can benefit from some glare effects, I think. Perhaps you can also try what @Millani said too, adding rabbit ears and bumping up its cuteness factor. :grinning: