Challenge #799 (12/10/18) Entries CLOSED

Have you tried using rigid bodies physics on it? It may help give more of a randomized look. Might have to place the pushpins though individually though cause some may end up in the box and out of view.

Meant random for varying the color. But using rigid body to randomize dices and needles positions is a good idea, thanks!

A cellular automaton sounds like a really cool idea. I think I’ll try to do that.

Used FlyingBanana idea (thanks again) and bits of physics later:

Need to touch up materials and maybe add a bandaid on the box.

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Awesome! There is the chaos. :slight_smile:

No Time

I started this with pure intentions: I would represent chaos in the form of disorderly labour. After modeling a screw driver, a hammer and a screw, I decided I didn’t have time to tell the story. I spent the rest of the time scavenging for models that would fit the narrative. For the first time ever, I put my render through gimp. This weekend is my birthday, so tomorrow will be a busy day.

Open entry, due to all the reused models, and the gimping.


WIP : a flying carrier… :yum:


Been modeling the fighter jets lying around, now to add AWACS and maybe some choppers too.


Happy birthday too for @fcharr ! :tada:


“The Chaos”

It’s been 4 years since i posted on this forum, a lot of things have changed since. I’m happy to see the community and especially the weekend challenge still thriving.

So i am now a 3D game artist and i thought about participating this week, my entry is “game-ready” and is rendered in real time with unlit/transparent shader.
There is only 6K vertex for the scene and I used blender for everything (Baking, Drawing etc…).

It’s a self-portrait-ish about chaotic thoughts and its consequences.

A little gif for the eyes.


Welcome back! :smiley: This challenge also marks one year of weekend challenges for me! Thanks for helping me grow as an artist @everyone :blush:


Happy Birthday Francisco! Have fun tomorrow :slight_smile:

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"Return from Chaos"

pure, cycles (256 samples + denoising)


Thank you :slight_smile:

Here’s my entry! :smile:

Rendered in cycles.
"Life Within the Chaotic Universe"

Sorry that this piece isn’t as chaotic as I had hoped, the idea was to show how even within chaos, order can exist, sometimes even flourish. Because even in a chaotic universe, if life exists, order exists.

This is my first weekend challenge so this was fun! I hope to be apart of more of these in the future. :slightly_smiling_face:
Hope you like it!


My entry…
Title: Chaos at the Mental Hospital
Theme is chaotic (as you will notice it is distressing and it dives from one frame into the other).
Non-Competing (due to it being a bit on the dark side, plus it being a video, and it only carries 66% new stuff that I didn’t model and texture previously). All original art done by myself. Texturing done in Substance Painter and everything else in Blender. Audio is done using GarageBand and carries original work (no stock)



Here is my non-competing entry:


Pure Blender 2.79, Cycles, only procedural textures.



@fcharr, Happy Birthday! Hopefully a great day filled with family, friends and good libations!

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Happy Birthday @fcharr hope it’s filled with happiness and many more to come.

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Siren’s Sonata : A Play of Disharmony

Flyers, drowned to depth
Divers, thrown to draught
Anything you deem worth, undone
Everything would flee forth, (un)to doom

Pure entry. Cycles 256 samples, procedural textures, compositing in Blender, all models are new.

Continuing the story on WC #790, still featuring the Siren Queen, now with her seals fully broken. Been thinking to also include the escort ships (destroyers, frigates, submarines) but modeling the carrier itself is already a huge mountain of work, not to mention the aircraft, so let’s just assume that she has mowed down all the escorts first before finally going after the big boss. Btw, the water/sea effects didn’t turn out looking too good. Those ‘tentacles’ in the background are supposed to be water columns, in case you are wondering (something like in the 2D reference artwork).

Alternate title: “Carrier Strike Group, Bamboozled.”

Some model close-ups :


@RobertT is it my eyes or is there a skull/head hidden in your render?