Challenge #799 (12/10/18) Entries CLOSED

That sounds like fun.

I think a script that changes all shortcuts would cause a lot of chaos.

Dude, yes, a script that just starts changing random things, you have no idea. It has one button with the label, ‘Press at your own risk you coward…’

Wow, that’s just evil.

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No, this script will be good, I like the auto greeble idea.

Well, I made a sketch…

De zoon


I continue to working on it, gradually adding details,preparing materials, then I will have to add background details(buildings,advertising signs) and of course more wires,cables :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ll call it finished unless I come up with something to add…


Why not? :wink:
I think it would be interesting watch for your work.

Hello guys
I have tried makeing somthing with chaos in sci-fi and fantasy direction.
I call my creation: The lefts attack
In it the futur Humans defend an outpost agains a couple of giant demon like lefts.

I m still working on fixing some texture problems on the space ships and trying to improve the looks of the hands. Also the partikels seem kind of odd at the moment.
Hope all of you enjoy the picture :slight_smile:
Good luck to everyone


@str11 thank goodness for the bezier :wink:

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This is only my second or third sculpt so its relatively early in my sculpting career. It was also one of the first times i’ve tried 2.8. The sculpting improvements are amazing.

EDIT: I should also say I haven’t looked at a lot of facial anatomy, but once I started sculpting I began to notice things about peoples faces and most of my sculpts just build what I see into them.


I’m thinking I might give this challenge a try… Would be my first time, but should be fun! :slightly_smiling_face:


Chaos Marine


Cycles, 500 samples, hdri lighting, filmic, Graswald add-on, cloth dynamics, Paintshop Pro post-processed

Blaster, tenctacles and chainsaw sword re-used from older model. Everything else new models.

Warhammer 40K FanArt. A quick and fun model with my first texture painting on a freshly sculpted skull. Background is a particle system utilizing metaballs and RobertT’s very cool agate material shader.

Without all the Paintshop Pro filters.

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Always fun watching speed sculpts. Makes everyones PC’s look like super computers. Awesome job on that and for a third sculpt you are light years ahead of where I am. Good job!

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The lefts attack


It’s OPEN for once, bunch of texturehaven and gimp work for the bandaid

Object > random doesn’t look random enough…

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If you make the wires draw a lorenz attractor, I’ll vote for you.
Unless someone includes a double-rod pendulum or some fractal geometry or cellular automata in their artwork in which case I’d have to think about it.

Oh man, you know what the best idea is? Earbuds entangled in a Lorenz attractor.

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If anyone wants to do some 3D cellular automata, I can help you a great deal on how to do it in Blender.

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Cool man, didn t get too deep into sculpting yet, just did some scratches on a surface, but it is nice to see what is possible to archive with it.

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