Challenge #799 Voting CLOSED

i just realised the only 2% i got was me voting for myself…I’m a dumbass…

Thank you all! I hope you’ll enjoy the next theme.

I hope its a good one…Congrats btw!

Exactly - Millani has officially inspired me to pick up some Python fundamentals.
I generally live in C# and Powershell, but i’ve decided I’ve dodged python long enough.
I’m currently this far along picking up Python syntax differences from a course on a training site. :slight_smile:

from urllib.request import urlopen
with urlopen(‘’) as story:
… story_words = []
… for line in story:
… line_words = line.decode(‘utf-8’).split()
… for word in line_words:
… story_words.append(word)

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good job everyone

Did anyone else find Mugo??

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Yep, once I knew what a mugo was and looked like. :slight_smile:


Should I give a clue at this point? @HISEROD

Yup. I found Mugo as well.