Challenge #8 Entries (5 July 2002) - CLOSED

Theme #8 for 5 July 2002 is: car
Entries close at 2300 GMT, Monday, 8 July 2002.

Tommy5 has provided some addition info:

There are no changes to the rules (found here: ) this week, although an extra timezone has been added :wink:

A web form to help make correctly formatted entry messages can be found here.

Good Luck to all prospective entrants!

And remember: you only have 3 more weeks to become eligible for the special ev…
Oops! Shouldn’t have said that! :wink:


Whooohooo…first Reply!! erhm…ok well
I have a good idea…dont know if I’m lazy enough to drop it or actually do it…anyways you’ll see :smiley:

sorry, just too boring. I’ll just continue on my retro futuristic flying car instead.
We all already know the vote will be between Pooba and muteinvert :wink:

  1. pofo

wasn’t able to finish my lancer so here is a low rate beetle


this is my regular, normal car…it does exist in the world, though i could not find blueprints for it at :wink:

PURE entry, no post editing except my name on that can…


good luck all, i hope, but fear wont, that we get alot of entries to this topic :-?

Lego set 4593, from the Racers series :slight_smile:
Unfinshed due to time constraints - please imagine that the cars have drivers …

Pure - all new models, with a couple of image maps hand crafted in the Gimp.

This took way longer than I was expecting… I hope it’s not too boring :wink:

… boooooorrriiiiingg.

i hope somebody at least tries to break the rules…


well, car isn’t THAT bad subject, but why on earth it has to be some regular car? Why? WHY? WHY???

Hey! This isn’t the Weekend Walk In The Park - it’s the Weekend Challenge!

Do you really think the latest shiny new sports car is the only option??
The phrase “regular normal car” covers a lot of ground, and leads me to ask a question: whose “regular normal”?
And “based on” doesn’t exactly limit things, either.

Oh well, it just means more votes for my undeserving entry :slight_smile:

<edit: rereading the original version of this message didn’t sound right, and i forgot a “:)”…
feel free to ignore the horrible version of this message, quoted below, in full. thanks pofo! :wink:
note to self: wake up before posting messages>

It’s just that I don’t really like to model something that exists (heh, perhaps because it would make it too easy to find flaws in my model). It would be a challenge, just not one I’d put much enthusiasm into.

And as you said, it leaves more votes for you :wink:

oh no oh no oh no!!! i just read thew whole topic post… Tommy5 what are u thinking!!! why oh why did u narrow it down like that??

well, thats just your suggestion…according the topic written, the theme is CAR…not REGULAR CAR, not FUTURISTIC CAR…mwahahaha… LOOPHOLE!

everybody go nuts! upscale rebellion! no regular cars allowd! 8)
that hotrod is sweeeeet!!!


1933 Ford, hot rod custom

Pure All Blender Baby!!! completely new model
sorry no thumb. i cannot seem to find a free site with remote linking :-?

i am new to the whole contest thing, so i don’t know if i was supposed to post an image yet??? :slight_smile: i guess i got kinda lucky that the subject was car, being that i just finished this one, and new nothing of the contest until it was finished :smiley:

Yes, you can post your image now :slight_smile:
You can actually post any time from announcement of the theme, until the close of entries, about 96 hours later. Posting early is a good idea, since in the event of a tie, the entry submitted (or last updated) first will win.

Technically, your model isn’t actually new, but I think we can let it slide this time :wink:
In the context of a Weekend Challenge, a new model is one that was created for the contest (ie. started after the theme was announced).

And I still think you should’ve gone with dark purple :stuck_out_tongue:

Scuse me but you said that we must make real car… I like the hot rod of scrappy but it is not a real car… scuse me scrappy but it’s not just for the other entry. I like your hot rod very much but it is not a real car…

huh…i might be in…

Hmmm i might enter this week… and uhh i was just at a car show and saw a car that looked almost exactly like the one scrappy made… so uh yes it is a real car =)

I want to say… good luck. I’m out of this contest, I can’t model a car!!! :stuck_out_tongue: I do wish you good luck and I bet this contest will be a fun place to look at the cars… I’m looking forward to voting day!

oh hell,this is an open entry,modelled with blender and,postprocessed
with photoshop,and not sure how to make an html page,so all i can do is provide a link (cut and paste)
actual time for modelling this is about 8 hrs

ill be trying to make an html page today :o

gentalmen…start your engines! :o


i bow to your power theeth

/me waves his wand… “Linkum Reparatum!”

tada! :wink: