Challenge #800 (19/10/18) Entries CLOSED

(beau11) #33

Yes indeed it is, nice catch :wink:

(david.speer) #34

Cool effect

(david.speer) #35

Looking good so far. Yes, doing a wrapper by hand, painful. It might not be horrible if you could pull it off with a few cloth simulations. At the boundary of my knowledge of it though, can you convert the resulting simulation to mesh?
Not googling it yet :slight_smile:

(icyou520) #36

Yep that is my next step. If the sculpting turns out horrible I will go with a cloth sim. Wish me luck lol

(david.speer) #37

Now I’m going to have to watch top gun again. Thanks for that!

(OLG) #38

Contrast Interior Design


Cycles, 500 samples, hdri, light panels, filmic, cloth physics, additional image filters with Paintshop Pro

All new models. Two contrast objects. The artwork with one side being a negative of the other contrasted with the colorful butterfly. The sofa with purple and yellow being complementary or opposite on the color wheel.

Challenge #800 Voting CLOSED
(purbosky) #39

Considering the Su-27 (CMIIW), this would be a Russian Top Gun. :smiley:

(david.speer) #40

Some temp color splash is here.
Feedback - thoughts on this water? (its from below)

(david.speer) #41

My wife rolled up and said, purple couch? I want that!

(abdoubouam) #42

WIP for my entry. Not sure exactly how much time I’ll get for the details, but I hope I can make the shapes interesting enough

(beau11) #43

Welp I guess somebody knows more about their planes than me :smile:. That was unintentional haha, I just looked up ‘fighter jet’ and thats what I got for my reference so here we are

(OLG) #44

That is so weird. My wife said the same thing.

I emphatically said, “NO!!”

We’ll see how long she lets keep the pants on. :wink:

(FlyingBanana) #45

@david.speer If you look at reference images from underwater looking up to the surface. You will notice a perfect example of fresnel, when looking directly up and out you will have like a circular looking clear non-reflective view out of the water but just outside of that circular area it will reflect back everything from under the surface.

and here is just an image also with a good idea of how water refraction and fresnel looks when in shallower waters like a pools depth.

(atekdigital) #46


Challenge #800 Voting CLOSED
(FinalBarrage) #47

Pure, jesus crist had to go to 4096 samples… The denoiser just ruined the blur :stuck_out_tongue:

Challenge #800 Voting CLOSED
(david.speer) #48

Got it.
Appreciate it.
My image has a portion of this now.
Shark model WIP added. On a side note, while studying these shark reference photos I am pretty certain i will remain on the beach from now on :slight_smile:

Placeholder - not an entry.

Model details are done for the great white, pathing for them added.

(david.speer) #49

Hah yes! Negotiation, she gets a purple couch, I get a new GPU. Fair is fair after all! :slight_smile:

(Tarik Krug) #50

How did u make dat sunset? It’s gorgeous!

(FlyingBanana) #51

Hahahaha wow talk about a win there.

(beau11) #52

High intensity emission sphere, and lots and lots of glare nodes in post pro!