Challenge #800 (19/10/18) Entries CLOSED

(david.speer) #41

My wife rolled up and said, purple couch? I want that!

(abdoubouam) #42

WIP for my entry. Not sure exactly how much time I’ll get for the details, but I hope I can make the shapes interesting enough

(beau11) #43

Welp I guess somebody knows more about their planes than me :smile:. That was unintentional haha, I just looked up ‘fighter jet’ and thats what I got for my reference so here we are

(OLG) #44

That is so weird. My wife said the same thing.

I emphatically said, “NO!!”

We’ll see how long she lets keep the pants on. :wink:

(FlyingBanana) #45

@david.speer If you look at reference images from underwater looking up to the surface. You will notice a perfect example of fresnel, when looking directly up and out you will have like a circular looking clear non-reflective view out of the water but just outside of that circular area it will reflect back everything from under the surface.

and here is just an image also with a good idea of how water refraction and fresnel looks when in shallower waters like a pools depth.

(atekdigital) #46


Challenge #800 Voting CLOSED
(FinalBarrage) #47

Pure, jesus crist had to go to 4096 samples… The denoiser just ruined the blur :stuck_out_tongue:

Challenge #800 Voting CLOSED
(david.speer) #48

Got it.
Appreciate it.
My image has a portion of this now.
Shark model WIP added. On a side note, while studying these shark reference photos I am pretty certain i will remain on the beach from now on :slight_smile:

Placeholder - not an entry.

Model details are done for the great white, pathing for them added.

(david.speer) #49

Hah yes! Negotiation, she gets a purple couch, I get a new GPU. Fair is fair after all! :slight_smile:

(Tarik Krug) #50

How did u make dat sunset? It’s gorgeous!

(FlyingBanana) #51

Hahahaha wow talk about a win there.

(beau11) #52

High intensity emission sphere, and lots and lots of glare nodes in post pro!

(Tarik Krug) #53

Wow! I also like the reflection in the lens it’s awesome

(Tarik Krug) #54

Thanks bro! I always wanted to learn how to make a nice sunset! check it out mine!!

(Tarik Krug) #55

I wish I could just use every of these entries but i got choose only one please help me guys!!

(beau11) #56

It’s all up to you man! I would go with the yin yang one :smiley:

(Tarik Krug) #57

Yep it’s good I will go with that one because I think is gonna be awkward to have 2 sunsets in the same challenge :confused:

(Francisco Charrua) #58


Pure entry, 3000 samples with denoising. Inspired by the Power Windows album cover. TV contrasts the real world. The ground warm color contrasts the wall’s cold color. The light objects contrast the dark room.

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(purbosky) #59



(RobertT) #60

Here is my non-competing entry:


Blender 2.79, Cycles, only procedural textures. Some levels / color / saturation adjustments in GIMP.

I wanted to contrast a variety of qualities in this piece:

round vs. angular, simple vs. complex, vividness vs. desaturated, centricity vs. decentralized, openness vs. enclosure, macro vs. micro, softness vs. hardness, wholeness vs. fractional, and more.


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