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(fdo) #63

@RobertT I’d like to see some screenshots from inside blender for this one hehe

(RobertT) #64

Thanks so much, OLG! I really appreciate that!

This project was so involved it took down my main workstation repeatedly :smiley: crashing Blender (due to very complex node work). I finally succeeded in rendering and finalizing it on my laptop, which has a weaker GPU yet twice the memory.

I rendered this originally at 5K because, for the first time, I am entertaining the possibility of making a select number of fine art prints commercially available in the future.

Still have lots of thinking to do on that.


(fdo) #65

Blood sea

made a pure quick one just to join this WC
the whole scene was made with blender2.8, i must say it’s getting better an better. Performance is not what i expect, as this is still in alpha it’s ok. First scene without a crash!

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(RobertT) #66

Here’s one… kind of dense :smiley:

(FlyingBanana) #67

Reminds me of the blood falls in Antarctica

(Photox) #68


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(beau11) #69

You could definitely make money with this level of work! Your art has it’s own style. Just out of curiosity, how do you plan on making it available? Is there a website?

(RobertT) #70

Thank you very much, beau11.

I’ve been reviewing a few different websites, ones like Saatchi Art, Fine Art America, DeviantArt, and Redbubble.

There are several others out there plus some articles about that (e.g.

I’m open to suggestions as to similar websites as well!


(beau11) #71

Thank you for sharing!

(purbosky) #72


Pure entry. Cycles 512 samples, procedural textures, compositing in Blender.

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(david.speer) #73

Great job on this. Love the style, the idea is very creative.

(OLG) #74

My wife has sold some art pieces on Fine Art America. DeviantArt not so much.

(david.speer) #75

“Blue Sky”

Pure entry. Cycles. Procedural materials.

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(abdoubouam) #76

reCAPTCHA (Pure entry)

This is by far one of the simplest and ugliest modelling I’ve done in a while because I was focusing on the silhouettes rather than details. Made in about than 6 hours, two of which were spent on a fully procedural LCD screen effect lol (can be seen here )
Used GIMP for some denoising, the rest is entirely made in blender

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(Tarik Krug) #77

My eyes hurt now but the silhouettes are good

(Ansaar13) #78

Miles Morales Spiderman

Pure Competing Entry, rendered with 399 samples and post-processing done in Blender

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(Tarik Krug) #79

Well this is the most awesome entry I will support you

(Ansaar13) #80

Thank you! it was honestly one of the most time consuming projects i’ve worked on so far. Started right when the theme was announced :joy:

(Helge) #81


pure, cycles (2048 samples + denoising)

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(Tarik Krug) #82

Honestly it looks so freaking good! Where did you learned to do the “Spidey boy”