Challenge #800 (19/10/18) Entries CLOSED

(Tarik Krug) #77

My eyes hurt now but the silhouettes are good

(Ansaar13) #78

Miles Morales Spiderman

Pure Competing Entry, rendered with 399 samples and post-processing done in Blender

Challenge #800 Voting CLOSED
(Tarik Krug) #79

Well this is the most awesome entry I will support you

(Ansaar13) #80

Thank you! it was honestly one of the most time consuming projects i’ve worked on so far. Started right when the theme was announced :joy:

(Helge) #81


pure, cycles (2048 samples + denoising)

Challenge #800 Voting CLOSED
(Tarik Krug) #82

Honestly it looks so freaking good! Where did you learned to do the “Spidey boy”

(MadeWithFeet) #83

Wanted to play with a shape contrast, one side cubic, the other spheric but…
I didn’t have time to polish it very much.

Don’t think the concept is bad, but it deserved way more time on it. I might revisit the idea down the line.

Pure, no name …

Challenge #800 Voting CLOSED

Hi everybody!

I’ve managed to participate this week (I didn’t want to miss the opportunity for the number 800! :slight_smile: ).
Running out of time though, because of school, but here is my entry:

"Opposite, contrasting, but complementary"

Pure, I guess (the HDRI is from here).

Challenge #800 Voting CLOSED
(Millani) #85

@MadeWithFeet Dude, get ouf of my mind! Not only did you guess the theme, but also made an entry about cubes vs. spheres. :smiley:

@Helge Awesome how you applied the concept of contrast to the mood of the scene.

(Tarik Krug) #86

I like the concept it reminds me of a pixar movie

(Millani) #87

The Lonely Sphere

Non-competing (Pure). Everything made in Blender using only procedural textures.

Probably one of the most disgusting colour schemes I ever used :slight_smile:

Challenge #800 Voting CLOSED
(RobertT) #88

Nice! I’ve set something up for now at Saatchi Art.


Naaah, it’s not disgusting! I really like it! Plus I think yellow is a highly underused color in art. :slightly_smiling_face:


Beautiful work! :heart_eyes:

(PyBlend) #91

"Flame Chilled"
Pure, Competing, Cycles 256 Samples, Denoising

Some Arctic contrast this week. :stuck_out_tongue:

Challenge #800 Voting CLOSED
(Firedude1) #92

My submission for this week:

Type: Pure, Competing
(using contrasting light)

Challenge #800 Voting CLOSED
(Ansaar13) #93

By myself and a couple of cheeky googles. I had to sculpt the body and then do each web by itself by snapping vertices onto faces.

(MadeWithFeet) #94

Ha! it’s funny we had the same idea for entry too.

You have good lighting as usual. Simple but quite warm.

Plenty of nice entry everywhere, it’s gonna be another one hard to vote for !

(Francisco Charrua) #95

Two costumed people who resemble Spiderman, but are not :wink:

(Helge) #96

Thanks Millani! I’m glad you noticed.
I almost didn’t find the time to add the foreground objects. Fortunately everyone got to bed early on Sunday, so I had another hour. :wink: