Challenge #800 Voting CLOSED


(FlyingBanana) #21

@Helge I think your horse got its second win and it’s rounding the bend for the win. :smiley: I am just tickled pink that I have hung in as long as I have.

(Helge) #22

Thanks a lot!

Nice Idea! I could use one or two cans of that stuff. I just bought some “Liquid HUE shift” a few days ago. “Liquid Blur” would be nice to have as well. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’m glad you like the entry.
If you find the time, you are very, very welcome to join the challenge. One of the nice things about the (~)weekend time limit is that everyone has to make compromises, so the results don’t have to be perfect at all. [You may not notice it, but even @RobertT is using dirty tricks and shortcuts to make things work. :wink: ] Isn’t that great? It really helps to get things done - instead of getting lost in invisible details. :slight_smile:

Something strange must have happened there. I can rule out doping, but maybe it got stung by a hornet. Let’s see where we end up tonight.

(joshwinkler3d) #23

I wasn’t able to find the time or idea for this one, good turn out though and good to see some new faces.

Looking at my past entries this was my first, which was also Aug 2017 @FlyingBanana It looks like yours was from #739 UFO theme.

Mine was from the castle theme #740 - doesn’t feel like it’s been a year:


Thank you so much for your comment @Pure_Clay, I couldn’t describe better what I wanted to communicate. From my short experience here I tell you that you should definitely give it a try to post something one day. I’ve decided to do so, even if I had barely no blender skills, just for fun and to push myself to learn more. After all, like @beau11says, “everyone is here to learn and grow”.

I really like what you do here, everyone, not just nice work, but also a great community to share and learn with. That’s the spirit behind software libre and a philosophy that could change the world. Congratulations and keep going!

(Photox) #25

Definitely enter, and don’t be afraid the follow a tutorial(s) and enter your result, when you’re starting out you don’t need to worry about pure/open/tutorial just push yourself to finish a piece.

(Helge) #26

And… the winner of Weekend Challenge 800 with votes from 46% of the voters is… Helge!
Here’s to all the great participators…


(Helge) #27

Thanks for all those votes! Many entries should have won this week. - I guess that means that we are doing something right. :slight_smile:

And now, without any further delay: On with the show!

(FlyingBanana) #28

@Helge Congrats on another quality render and win!

P.S. give the horse a carrot and apple for me. :wink:

(Helge) #29

Thanks! I will. :slight_smile:

I still have a carrot from #648(amalgamation)…

… and will ask @Millani for an apple. :wink:

(FlyingBanana) #30

HAHAHA awesome!

(david.speer) #31

Congrats on the win Helge. Great render!

(joshwinkler3d) #32

Congrats @Helge

(Millani) #33

Sure, I’ll just have this guy deliver it for you :slight_smile:

(for those who don’t know, here the apple was born)

Does @Helge get a PM from @Helge when he wins?

(MadeWithFeet) #34

Congratulations Helge!

(Tarik Krug) #35

Congratulations! Your entry was one of my favorite since the beggining

(Helge) #36

Thanks, everyone!

Very kind of you. I just hope he doesn’t get in trouble on his way down here. :wink:

I haven’t gotten around to automating the process THAT far yet. :wink:

(Jason van Gumster) #37

Congratulations @Helge! Sorry for the delay in getting this up on the Featured Row. Blender Conference kind of took me by surprise. :slight_smile:

(Helge) #38

Don’t worry - and thanks for updating! :slight_smile:

I know, it is doing this every time. Everything seems to be just fine and then it pops up out of nowhere, absorbing everyone’s time and energy - until it goes back to sleep for another year. :wink:

(Michael Kimber) #39

Woah… well done guys! There are so many great entries here. Congratulations @Helge well deserved win. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

(Helge) #40

Thank you! And thanks for stopping by. :slight_smile: