Challenge #801 (26/10/18) Entries CLOSED

(Millani) #21

That was (obviously) one of my first ideas (including the bus driver ruining the whole thing). I’m currently working on a mechanical clown. And by currently working I mean I just opened Blender.

(Photox) #22

‘Currently working’ : You have a cup of coffee, and you are at your computer, but you may or may not be wearing pants.


Me exactly, lol

(Green3d) #24

May i ask a question. So the challenge Circus docent have to include a circus tent and just any related circus objects ?


I would say that you can interpret the theme however you like really. The person who picked the theme didn’t include any of that stuff and his submission was excellent.

(Green3d) #27

Thank you Pure_Clay

(FlyingBanana) #28

@Green3d You got it. Whatever you can come up with that has any relation to a circus. And as in the past there has been quite a few far stretched entries that take a lot of thinking as to how it relates.

But in the end this contest is about friendliness, others helping others out, and to see how well you stack up and improve. Some great people are in this Weekend Challenge, personally it has helped me get to the point where I am now. First and foremost though. It is for FUN with a feeling of accomplishment.

(Green3d) #29

Thank you. I understand what you are talking about. i am making this Ferris wheel if its finish or not and try to finish it . So yeah i been getting into Blender more and more and its been real fun and interesting. so i am going to make this as an non-entry if i finish it.

(RobertT) #30

Here is my non-competing entry:


Pure Blender 2.79, Cycles, only procedural textures.

A look at part of the mesh in the 3D viewport.


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(FlyingBanana) #31

@RobertT I really hope that your venture into selling those pieces works out. Your work is amazing, unique, and brings out emotion and expression. Best wishes on the sales. Just don’t forget us WC’ers when you are rolling around in gold. :smiley:

(david.speer) #32

“Circus Animals”
Pure Entry -
Procedural Textures
400 Samples

As in real world baking, digital baking sprinkles get stuck EVERYWHERE!! :grin:
I spent a ton of time removing them from where they didn’t belong!

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(OLG) #33

When the crowds no longer come


Cycles, 3000 samples, filmic, Graswald add-on, post-processing filter for aging image

My idea was an old circus tent, abandoned, and slowly decaying while the city is fighting on what to do with it. The circus bankrupted when the people no longer came to see the aged toothless lion and shaggy ponies in the petting zoo section.

To add to the earlier thread discussion. For any new artists wanting to join the fun. This competition has really helped me grow as a 3d artist. I had been modeling for a few years but only a model at a time. I make custom cnc patterns using blender. I had little knowledge on utilizing materials, textures, or composition in the 3d realm. This competition and the awesome artists that submit their very cool art is a ton of fun and really a great way to try new things and dig into the areas you are missing.

The scene below took about an hour to build from scratch.

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(RayVelcoro) #34

I came up with a cartoonish entry this weekend challenge. Used a character from online for the crowd. Also the Ferris wheel is a simple image from online. As well as the elephants eye. Still I think its pure, spent 90% of the time on plain simple modeling and composing. Some color corrections done in PS. Hope u like it!

Circus Elephant

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(Francisco Charrua) #35


Open entry due to being done through a tutorial. The result is disappointing, I have a lot of work to in the rigging department. Anyone know of any good rigging tutorials?

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(caz747) #36

Circus Maximus

I’ll call this a pure entry, but the background mountains is an image as plane. I just haven’t got the time at the moment to model the rest of Rome. :grinning:

It was interesting to find out that the word Circus, as we use it today, has it’s origins in this fine arena.
The Roman’s sure had a different idea of light entertainment to what we have today.

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(Millani) #37


Pure. Everything was made in Blender. Only procedural textures were used.

This was pretty quick modelling. For some reason the material of the nose ended up looking pretty weird.

Challenge #801 Voting CLOSED
(RobertT) #38

Thanks so much, @FlyingBanana :smiley:

So far nothing has come from the prints effort, but it’s early yet, and I haven’t had time to upload more than 11 works.

I’m hoping to have an extended variety so they might appeal to different tastes.

To make it more interesting, I’m also enhancing print offerings with revised / improved images and/or post-processed (in or beyond Blender) high resolution renders.