Challenge #803 (09/11/18) Entries CLOSED

(Helge) #1

Theme #803 for Friday 9th of November 2018 is:

Appearances are Deceptive

Entry closes on Monday, 22:30 GMT (Mon, Nov 12, 2018 10:30 PM)

“There are two main goals for these contests: Fun and Glory.
Fun: You get only 4 days to create a cool image, based on the theme for the week.
Glory: After 2 days of voting, a winner is declared. The winner picks the theme for next week.”

Please remember to state if your entry is pure, open or non-competing.
For details please check out the: CHALLENGE RULES

Btw.: Comments are welcome in both threads (entries/voting). Have fun! :slight_smile:

(joshwinkler3d) #2

[UPDATE?] I think this is now the longest post I have ever created :slight_smile:

[UPDATE] I have no idea how many images I can add - @Millani I added a hat :slight_smile:

[UPDATE] Only 150 samples at the moment, keep render times down. I added some references to previous challenges.

This is where my entry is going (current title - inconspicuous)

(Member) #3

My entry is a bear getting his coins for the arcade,

Challenge #803 Voting CLOSED
(OLG) #4

Oleander - Dangerous Beauty


Cycles, 3000 samples, hdri lighting, filmic, lattice deform petals, Paintshop Pro post processing

Oleander is a beautiful plant but is considered one of the most poisonous plants in the world. A single leaf can kill a child. Thankfully, I only have two large shrubs in my front yard for decoration. :wink:

Challenge #803 Voting CLOSED
(Peetie) #5

Title: Your new job
Entry: Pure

  • Samples: 4000, Microroughness used in all materials, colours are inspired by movie Brave, Filmic - medium high contrast, 8 bounces Diff, 8 bounces gloss, post in Blenders compositor with glare and mist, and a border. Addons used: Assest manager for the doodles I made before with MESHmachine and Hardops, Decal Machine for two decals, Environment: QueenMary_Chimney, Paid most attention to colours and lighting.

New jobs is not what it looks like.

Challenge #803 Voting CLOSED
(Francisco Charrua) #6


Pure entry, 600 samples with denoising.

Challenge #803 Voting CLOSED
(Millani) #7

@joshwinkler3d Muggo should be wearing a hat and reading the news too :slight_smile:

(MadeWithFeet) #8

Heyyy! I found Muggo this time ! Nice one.

(MadeWithFeet) #9


A feast of fools:

Blocking stage is done. Into modeling!

(joshwinkler3d) #10

Thanks @Millani, Muggo fit better than expected - for me he looks like an extra set of eyes :face_with_monocle: I’m still not sure about the hat though (edit: added a hat).

Thanks @MadeWithFeet, a bit easier this time :slight_smile: and he also has a new set of glasses - I will have to post the solution at some point.

(Photox) #11


Cycles. 2500 Samples.

Challenge #803 Voting CLOSED
(Helge) #12

"The Holy Blockchain"

non-competing (pure), cycles (512 samples + denoising)

Challenge #803 Voting CLOSED
(Sci-fi-Guy) #13

pure render,

128 sample, pepsiman gets fired

Challenge #803 Voting CLOSED
(3dnotguru) #14

This is my PURE entry “Shark’s smile”. Cycles 12s. Lot of volumetrics so i wasn’t able to render better quality.

Challenge #803 Voting CLOSED
(purbosky) #15

Bus Stop (?)

Pure entry. Cycles 128 samples, procedural textures, compositing.

Challenge #803 Voting CLOSED
(Arpan Prajapati) #16

Hey! people
Title : “What you see is NOT what you get”

This is my first render for this contest…
Effective for the topic🔥
It is rendered with 500 samples

Challenge #803 Voting CLOSED
(FlyingBanana) #17

@joshwinkler3d got muggo and the pickle truck! :slight_smile: Like the look of this one the lighting is nice too.


Light on a dark night.


Challenge #803 Voting CLOSED
(Anders Pedersen) #19

Title: “The lonely tree”

My first attendance in the weekend competition, please let me know if I did anything wrong. I think the rules are a bit of a mouthfull, and I did not have much time this weekend, so I just threw my work out there :slight_smile:


Challenge #803 Voting CLOSED
(RobertT) #20

Here is my non-competing entry:


Pure Blender 2.79, Cycles, only procedural textures.

Inspired primarily by René Magritte’s “The Treachery of Images” (also more popularly known as his “This is not a pipe” work):

There are also visual allusions to other themes Magritte frequented.

Technical note: the image in the center is a reflection of the scene (with modified geometry and spatial placement to reflect only certain elements and to make the sky appear as an ocean).

Some more about Magritte:


Challenge #803 Voting CLOSED