Challenge #805 Voting CLOSED


(OLG) #21

@joshwinkler3d, congrats! Awesome render. Very clean.

What’s for next week? :wink:

(joshwinkler3d) #22

Thanks @OLG - one of my cleanest renders and it’s only 200 samples without denoising :slight_smile:

The new theme is already up, hope everyone likes it - thought I would go with something I haven’t seen much of on here.

(FlyingBanana) #23

Congrats @joshwinkler3d awesome rendering
Great entries everyone!

(Photox) #24

Well done @joshwinkler3d ! Superbook forever!

(Green3d) #25

congrats joshwinkler3d

(joshwinkler3d) #26

Thanks @FlyingBanana @Photox and @Green3d - glad you liked it.

Are you familiar with Superbook @Photox - I don’t know anyone else who has heard of it?

Also thanks @everyone for the votes - all considering I didn’t go into this expecting to win.

(Photox) #27

I have not heard of it, sorry.

(joshwinkler3d) #28

I was going to say :slight_smile: it’s quite an obscure anime

(OLG) #29

I think you have to be a certain age to be familiar with it. lol.

I do remember it vaguely. I looked it up and the last episode of the original series was 1983.

(joshwinkler3d) #30

Yeah, I was born in the 90s so not that old :slight_smile: I did watch a bunch of programs that were old even back then

(sundialsvc4) #31

This entry really shows-off the benefit of good setting and framing. He’s “in the spotlight” but they don’t shine on him at all.

(Member) #32

Congrats @joshwinkler3d