Challenge #806 (30/11/18) Entries CLOSED

Theme #806 for Friday 30th of November 2018 is:


Entry closes on Monday, 22:30 GMT (Mon, Dec 3, 2018 10:30 PM )

“There are two main goals for these contests: Fun and Glory.
Fun: You get only 4 days to create a cool image, based on the theme for the week.
Glory: After 2 days of voting, a winner is declared. The winner picks the theme for next week.”

Please remember to state if your entry is pure, open or non-competing.
For details please check out the: CHALLENGE RULES

Btw.: Comments are welcome in both threads (entries/voting). Have fun! :slight_smile:


Cake Castle

Pure entry, 1000 samples with denoising.


Time for donuts!

At first I read “desert” and was thinking of rocks and cacti :stuck_out_tongue:

sounds delicious :wink:


This looks fun.

Entry: Chocolate Mousse

Hope the link works.
Still need to get a better texture, thinking of tinting the plate slightly yellow.
Still need to model toppings, spoon, chocolates etc.

Might as well just submit just is, slept 19Hrs on Saturday, wasn’t home on Sunday and i am working late today so tough luck.


This one sounds fun. I might have a few ideas on this one.

My Hackintosh broke after trying to update to Mojave so I might not be able to enter for a bit. Does anyone know if Blender is good on Linux?

I see plenty of people swearing by linux and blender but I have also seen issues with some video cards acting up so not 100% sure.

Ok it is coming down to details now and figuring what else to add to make it pop more. I changed my idea of a strawberry sauce drizzled all over the top of the cake and used a chocolate instead. I may add some chocolate drizzles across some of the strawberries as well but undecided on that so far. I skipped using a fluid sim for the drizzle and just placed a cylinder just inside the cake and sculpted the drizzle, seemed easier and got better results and less cpu intensive.

Pure Entry Cycles, Filmic, Denoise and DoF used calling this one
" I :heart: Cheesecake "


This theme isn’t good with my diet! Can’t wait to see what deliciousness people come with!


Currently on Linux, no trouble whatsoever with Blender. Might be worth checking what your GPU is first though (or try with a live-iso/usb).

ROFL hey at least mine has some fruit in it. :wink: Yeah I am a cheesecake nut. It is my diet kryptonite. I also can’t wait to see the entries as well. Afterall it is the holidays and time for eating stuff that requires a good new years resolution of workouts/runs/walks/and plenty of donuts. :wink:

lol…Thought the same…
hum mmmm
Maybe ice cream in the desert???

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Digestif - My Favorite Dessert


Cycles, 3000 samples, filmic, hdri lighting and point lighting, cherry tutorial by blender insight (wonderful material node tree), rug material from Poliigon, minor post processing with Paintshop Pro. All new models.

Setting up the lights until I got something I didn’t hate was a pain. Fun exercise though.


I’m surprised how fast you guys are, some great work.

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Baked Salted Caramel Custard

Non-competing - a bit noisy but not much I can do at the moment.

Good to see everyone is enjoying this one.

@GIPeN Glad someone made the desert - dessert distinction :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve wanted to make a baked caramel for a while so this will do in the mean time, although I am going for salted caramel in this. I think the salt on top is too small and throws the scale off though.

[ Also more light! ]


The way I always remembered the difference between dessert and desert is that Dessert is Stressed spelled backwards, which is why dessert goes so well when stressed. :wink:

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Oh boy desserts sound tasty;) whats going on everyone thought I would try another WC Next round looking forward to the next cat

@joshwinkler3d I’m going for the same menu … :laughing:


Actually had another concept involving a donut and a girl in cartoon style (still can’t move on from previous topic, lol) but then thinking I’d pursue a more realistic render.


Will still continue this as a separate work though.

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One of my early idea is a pun : Operation Dessert Storm. :upside_down_face: