Challenge #806 (30/11/18) Entries CLOSED

(Midnightcpu) #41

Somebody catch that spider!!!

(SystemAgnostic) #42

I’m clearly outclassed in this competition. But here it goes: my first weekend challenge submission.

I mostly copied a youtube tutorial, so this shouldn’t be considered pure.

Challenge #806 Voting CLOSED
(FlyingBanana) #43

@SystemAgnostic welcome to the challenges, it’s not so much about really being the best or outclassed in these challenges. They are first and foremost fun, and secondly a nice learning process. Take it from me, I was skeptical of entering these challenges back when I did cause I seen how great these entries are but I feel because I stuck with it and learned off all these great artists that enter here and now I feel that I am doing a lot better, especially after looking back at some of my early entries.

Stick with it and don’t be afraid to ask questions or tips as most here are willing to help out. Nothing greater than blender users and their willingness to help others out and not be stingy about what they have learned. Again, welcome to the challenges and hope to see more from you in the future. You can only go up from here :smiley:

(FlyingBanana) #44

Not sure if you know which I mean by the alien king but yeah that crown does look nice hehehehe.

(purbosky) #45

Just uploaded my other concept in the Finished Projects gallery : Dessertion Angel


Non competing, blender pure. Wanted to learn about camera mapping and compositing.

Challenge #806 Voting CLOSED
(DM9) #47

Nice, Helge, you killed it again. - Really cool style with the photoreal / ink combination.

(Gourav) #48


Pure entry, Eevee, Blender 2.80 beta

Learned a lot while making this, Interesting topic!
As I was making this, my craving for chocolate kept increasing. :drooling_face:
LOVE CHOCOLATES :heart_eyes:

Challenge #806 Voting CLOSED
(SystemAgnostic) #49

Thanks FlyingBanana. And thanks for the folks who liked my post. :slight_smile:
I look forward to getting better, and for me I think the key will be to keep doing it, even if I don’t have the knowledge, skill, or time to get things the way I want them. Yet. :wink: I like learning and being creative, Blender gives me endless opportunity.

The critical question is: Should we vote for the best art, or the yummiest dessert !?!

(Midnightcpu) #50

Ya the best thing to do is keep at it and keep going.
Never give up and never surrender:)

(Gourav) #51

good question though :thinking::sweat_smile:

(Nitram_2000) #52

Seems that you found a similar tutorial to the one that I want to use to make my yummy stuff. :smile:

A serious question. Is it allowed to use a pretty much ready made tutorial? My modelling pure rubbish so I found a great tutorial that will give me awesome results but I’m pretty sure I’ll add a lot more to that to make a better image - I hope! It’s just that I find that it’s kind of cheating :smile:

(FlyingBanana) #53

I think that if you follow a tutorial and add to that tutorial it shouldn’t be an issue. But if it is verbatim to the tutorial then I think that would be an issue considering it pure.

(RobertT) #54

Here is my non-competing entry:


Pure Blender 2.79, Cycles, only procedural textures.



Challenge #806 Voting CLOSED
(Nitram_2000) #55

Okay, I guess I’ll put in a disclaimer then.

In general I will be adding a few other things to the scene to make it all nice and what not.

(Nitram_2000) #56

Wow, this is awesome!

(RobertT) #57

Thanks, @Nitram_2000!

I just updated my entry image. Just some refinements in Blender.

Great work so far, everyone!

Hello, @Midnightcpu! We’re all still doing the Weekend Challenges, pushing our skills, learning, and still having fun along the way :smiley:


(SystemAgnostic) #58

Indeed, I mostly followed a Youtube tutorial for my cupcake. I put a disclaimer on my original post for this.

(Midnightcpu) #59

I was cut off for a while still 3d modeling.
I missed you guys😁 and the challenges
Is it still 3 day weekend
Been Rendering out a movie scene for the past week its 620 frames and 6 layers have to go into video edit to slow it down by double is to fast on the pre render and green screening the live stuff.
its going to be a preview of a script my cousin and I worked on so we can see what we got😄

(Nitram_2000) #60

“Silver Platter”
Cycles - 300 Samples, plus denoise.
Not pure since the main desserts themselves came from a youtube tutorial. I did play a lot with the materials mind you. Still, I’ll put in that disclaimer here.

Also, the BG is a photo composite colour graded and defocused in Blender.

I also had some issues with the bokeh and scaling and all of that. That was fun to say the least. It did mess with the textures, but somehow it made some of them look better than previous renders.

On a different note, yet related to my scene, the uploaded JPG has no shadow around the bokeh, yet in the Blender compositor window there is a dark shadow where the soft edge is. Does anyone know what’s going on there?

EDIT: Uploaded another version with tweaked textures and some colour grading to help the whole thing blend together a little more.

As a former Nuke compositor that’s been using After Effects for the last number of years, it’s really fun to play around with node based compositing again.

Challenge #806 Voting CLOSED