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(deltaray) #20

The Juggler from the Amiga. Something you might appreciate from my Youtube channel is an old 2d animation of the 3d juggler meeting “Juggette”. It was at the end of a video of amateur animations from people like us back in 1990.

I think many of you would appreciate the whole video as it’s from a much simpler time of 3D animation. It starts here: because I had to post it in 10 minute segments Youtube only allowed that at the time. Keep in mind that these animations were good enough at the time to make it onto a video that people paid $20 for and it was a contest so the winner received $500, 2nd place $200 or something like that. I think the Fe O Mars like animation won first place among the competing entries.

(SystemAgnostic) #21

I’m glad there are Amiga aficionados here. :grinning:
And I remember Amiga World magazine! Thanks for sharing!

(jachher) #22

TItle: Distinction

Simple scene made of simpole shapes, with simple materials. Altoether, simplistic model :smiley:
pure entry
Let me know, if you have any tips or ideas about the composition. It’s one of the most fascinating aspects of art (for me at least) and the one I am not very good at (I mean, I’ve got the basics, but that’s about it). I really tried to make it work this time.
edit: Thanks for your opinions Millani, I especialy like the raised ground

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(Millani) #23

The red cube is working as the focal point, and the subtle white lines leading to it also help. It is, however, rather small. You could either make it bigger or add some variation around it (maybe make the floor there higher?). Also, there is almost no variation in lighting (and also no shadows, which is weird). I would recommend making either the background or the foreground darker, maybe add a spotlight around the red cube.

Did you consider putting another colourful cube in the background?

(Sparkwood and 21) #24

I still have my Amiga.

(3dnotguru) #25

Hello, This is my PURE entry “simplicity drives complexity”
Cycles 512s

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(Midnightcpu) #26

Well here’s my entry
2653 samples pure 100% bender

Smoke and flame sim with personal nodes

A star dome made with hair and icospheres with random color node

Spiral force and regular force

Composited in blender

Made to look like a port right when something appears through it

And don’t forget shades :sunglasses:

I call it “simplicity of travel”

type or paste code here

(Midnightcpu) #27

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(Midnightcpu) #28

Forgot this is cycles

(FlyingBanana) #29

I don’t have my A500 anymore but still have my 2500 and 4000 with video toaster and Lightwave before it had a version number hehehe. Of course they are sitting in the closet collecting cobwebs and all sorts of other dust bunnies.

(jachher) #30

there is slight spotlight on the red cube. I didn’t make it stronger, because it made the red on the cube really weird tone. I don’t want to add another colored cube, because like this it makes kind of sense (to me at least; I mean, it’s just cubes, it doesnt make much sense) and another one would sort of break it (I think). But making the ground higher is cool idea, I will try it. Ans shadows as well

(Photox) #31

"This is simply not Chocolate"

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(Francisco Charrua) #32

Memories of White

Pure entry, 1000 samples. Inspired by a similarly named Vangelis song.

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(OLG) #33

Dreadnaught Spaceship Railgun View - Super simplicity


Cycles, 1024 samples, filmic, Kit Ops addon ($)

Blender is amazingly powerful with the right add-ons that it can be the example for simplicity.

This took one click with the add-on and then some arrays and mirrors plus some materials. Maybe about 5-10 minutes to build and 30 minutes playing with the lighting. Super simplicity. 2 hour render with 2.79. I keep forgetting to use a 2.8b build for rendering. I always get at least a 25% time saving, if not a lot more, depending on the scene.

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(Midnightcpu) #34

If you shake the screen on a phone it looks like the stars are moving around😂

It will take me a while to get use 2.8 its complicated to use for me after using all the others​:grimacing::no_mouth::thinking:

I’m still using 2.79

Its a pain trying to figure out where everything is when your used to the old setup

(purbosky) #35


Pure entry. Cycles 128 samples + denoising.

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(OLG) #36

lol. Me too. I still use 2.79 but 2.8 renders a lot quicker. So I build in 2.79 and if I remember I try to render in 2.8

I am practicing with 2.8 but I still have to hunt for all the stuff I need. It will take a while before I transition to 2.8.

(CarlG) #37

Yeah, old enough and recognize it (old Amiga dude).
This might be interesting for you. Not sure what happened to it though.

(Midnightcpu) #38

Lol, ya I noticed it renders faster :grinning:
But that’s a good idea using 2.79 to model and everything then move it over to 2.8 you can fine tune it in 2.8 while your trying to figure it out that’s what I just did imported from 2.79 and pushing buttons to find everything :grimacing:
Its making me think about the big end button :grimacing::dizzy_face:
Don’t ever push the big red button :grimacing::open_mouth::hushed:
Think I know why it renders faster did you look at the compression of the file mine was at 15%


Simplicity of spheres, non competing, pure blender 2.8 beta cycles

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