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(Millani) #21

Thank you! My first thoughts often are “how can I best misinterpret the theme while still staying within the theme?”. The first idea I had this week involved a Turing machine ripping its tape into two, breaking an otherwise infinite loop. It involved complexity theory (because simple is the opposite of complex) and the halting problem, but then I would probably need to give you a lecture before anyone could understand the image.

But then I got lazy and ended up having to simplify the plan in order to finish it on time. Another part of my thought process is to try to add as many puns as I can, but I promise the last one was completely by accident…

Well, you can also make a scene using mostly glossy shaders, specially when modelling machines and the like. :wink:

(RobertT) #22

Thanks, @icyou520.

There is some deliberate juxtaposition here divided up between left and right: lightness/darkness, more details on the right and less on the left.

Partially, the image hints at the concept of “whitewashing,” which has multiple definitions, but this one comes closest:

Originally I was going to have more protrusions on the right and situate the left as a blanket which would rest on that complex form and give a softer, less complicated (simplified) appearance to it, but I didn’t have much time to spend on sculpting.

I’m glad at least it looked cool to you :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments!

And congratulations to all of our participants. Such great works!


(Helge) #23

True! That can also help making a fast background by wrapping everything into a glossy hemisphere:


(Millani) #24

Dude, you just frigging exploded my mind. I never thought about doing that! In fact, I didn’t even notice that the background was reflecting the chameleon when I saw that image for the first time!

(OLG) #25

@LeighAH, congrats!

@icyou520, thanks for the comment. Total optical illusion. :smiley: