Challenge #808 (14/12/18) Entries CLOSED

(RobertT) #53

Thanks so much, @Nitram_2000!

I just updated my image one more time.

Wonderful work so far, everyone!


(purbosky) #54

Bonus : turntable animation. Enjoy. :slightly_smiling_face:


Pure Eevee entry :slight_smile:

Challenge #808 Voting CLOSED
(Helge) #56

THAT sounds like a lot of work. I usually start booting up blender at about 12:00am try to get things done until about 04:00am on Sunday morning. But THIS is insane! :slight_smile:
I’m really looking forward to whatever will fall out of your render engine!

(Photox) #57

"Sailing in time"

A friend of mine in Texas gave me some great feedback during the creation of this one. :sunglasses:

Challenge #808 Voting CLOSED
(Midnightcpu) #58

Well here’s my entry

Im going to go open with this I reused the portal at a different angle and time frame and there are about 15 non procedural textures

I call it “Captain and her first mate set sail”

Challenge #808 Voting CLOSED

Love the toon/npr style! Is that Cycles or Internal?

(icyou520) #60

I would of had an easier time buying a real sugar glider with mini goggles to take a picture.

(Gourav) #61

Dream of sailing
blender 2.80, Cycle render, 256 Samples.

Achieving the dreams !

Challenge #808 Voting CLOSED
(Michael George) #62

Ok, i think i feel comfortable listing it as Pure. Thanks for explaining.

Also, great entries everyone. I’m looking forward to seeing who the winner is.

(Midnightcpu) #63

You about blew my mind with this one your just missing two things :grin:.

(Photox) #64

Thanks. Well it’s missing a sail, of course, I don’t know what the other would be. I had a bunch of sails on it and it was looking really not good, so I went with the colloquial meaning.

(Midnightcpu) #65

Na, you forgot atmosphere and glow off of the rocks from the explosion

The sails I’m not worried about because future ships have none unless somebody wants them on their ship thats why I went with the captain because, the captain has to set sail or “make a navigation chart” before the ship can go anywhere

(Photox) #66

Yeah, it was a challenging scene to light. Everything is so bright and strong that tiny changes blow out everything. I’m really liking your scene, does one of them have a pill for a head? Awesome.

(Midnightcpu) #67

Lol na, I knew I was running out of time so i skipped making the faces so I used a steampunk look where the collar goes over the faces and put a visor over the eyes.
The capes were an idea from the anime space captain harlock.

I used the mist pass for the atmosphere

You can control the glow with threshold it uses the amount of light used in an area

(david.speer) #68

“Into the Sunset”
Non competing.

Pure - 250 samples

Challenge #808 Voting CLOSED
(Midnightcpu) #69

This is the screen shot with composite and close up


(Ansaar13) #70

This is wonderful! :smiley: Can i ask how you managed the shading on the balloon?


@ArtAvenue @Ansaar13 Thanks! :smile: It was done in [email protected] 2.80. I made a post explaining my npr shaders.

(joshwinkler3d) #72

Congrats @ixd - I ran out of time to enter and to vote, you had my vote all the same. Also thanks for the behind the scenes, I like seeing those. Really good entries @everyone