Challenge #808 Voting CLOSED

Nice Work IXD. that was awsome modeling and the render as well.

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Congrats, loved the image.
Solid render, landslide win!

Thanks for the input @icyou520 Nice catch on the suitcase latches. I did that just to see if anyone would point it out. And indeed someone is going to be a little upset having to buy a novelty Banana Boat Tour wardrobe since theirs all ended up in the water. :slight_smile: To be honest though I didn’t really put too much time into this one and used a lot of textures, the suitcases were from another attempt at an old weekend challenge that I ended up tossing and seemed to fit the setting sail theme so I reused them they were procedurally textured and texture masked by me.

The wood textures were from

Thank you all for the support! :smile: Great entries, everyone!

If anyone is interested in the toon shading I used you could find more here and play with it:)

Can u please elaborate on stronger lighting?
Just having difficulty on lightning my scenes.

Congratulations @ixd, fabulous image. You got my vote!

Also well done to everyone, some really strong entries this week, it made for enjoyable viewing.

Thanks for the feedback. How do I add motion blur to a static image?

I also would have liked to have added foam, seaweed, and water droplets, but hey, I am but a beginner :smile:

Congrats to @ixd for his brilliant image. I saw a introductory tutorial on the EEVEE toon shader last week and thought I have to give it a play. You beat me to it (not that I could’ve made an image as good as that anyway😂). Thanks for sharing your shader. It certainly has a great look.

Its actually really easy, just animate your object (anchor) from one spot to another, then click motion blur check box. That’s it. Keep in mind render times will go up, and if you are using 2.8 EEVEE motion blur only works on the camera for now, not objects.

I don’t know if you are using an HDRI or not, but it looks like you just have one light covering the entire scene. All your modeling and texturing is fine. Now you need to turn into a photographer and imagine that you just walked up to that table with your camera and your lights. You need to think WHAT is the main focus on this table and how can I set up my lights to make my main focus stand out? With a KEYLIGHT, FILL LIGHT, and BACKLIGHT. I would look at different photography lighting tutorials (3 Point Lighting is very common, but there are many others). I use lighting all the time to hide mistakes in my model or texturing. Hope this helps a little.

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Ah of course! I’m an idiot :smile:

Still in 2.79 so nonneed to worry about any EEVEE limitations. Plus I’ll still do all my final rendering in Cycles.

Well, it is not as if he had much more to do :slight_smile: I wanted to model some sharks, but I had like two hours for the whole entry.

And in your entry, are those silhouettes on the left actually squirrels that got squashed on the floor after they jumped? :wink:

Haha they are actually still both in the air, only about half way down from the couch. The DOF really made it look like they were squashed on the ground. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thanks for the feedback, i can’t take credit for the modeling though because it was mostly stuff from megascans :sweat_smile: and yeah the sun looks a bit weird in retrospect

I love your image! This is one of my favorite scenes from the movies because of the music and the scenery. Good choice!

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@icyou520: Thank you for the kind words.

For a while I tried posting really small thumbnails to encourage others to see the full resolution image.’

Perhaps people are “right-clicking / viewing image” and the stats per image don’t show that?

Most people here put quite a bit of effort in their works all the way down to the finer details, so it’s always a good rule to click/tap images to see renders in all their full beauty :smiley:

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Hi guys, I’m new to the forum and Blender (Actually this is my first post :smiley: )

I saw this weekend challenge and I’m really impressed with the submissions, would love to participate in a future. A few questions:

  • Is there a registration post or something for each weekend challenge?
  • What is the difference between pure, open, and non-competing entries?

Sorry if they are silly questions, first time in here

@Jpv123 , @Helge I believe would be best to answer those questions as he is the one running the show. :slight_smile: and welcome to the weekend challenges by the way. There is no registration process needed to enter the challenges. They are just a fun hone your skills and get the creative juices flowing type of thing. Short jist of the entry categories is.

Pure… A creation that you can say was created solely inside blender with tools that is available to everyone else or by procedural creation. And all new models that were created for this challenge. Or if reused previously created models then they are not to be the main focus of the scene created, if they are then that would fall under the “Open” category

Open… Creation of a scene either using paid addons or other software outside of blender and was used to help create the scene made. So think to yourself if you feel that you spent time in multiple softwares or downloading (models, textures, painting textures *Photoshop/Gimp" ) then that would be considered open along with additional outside post compositing outside of Blender.

Non-Competing… Just that. Entries if you want to call them that that are created with the theme chosen but generally just shared to be viewed and not in the voting poll.

Again welcome to the site and the Weekend Challenges. Hope to see your name in the future entries.

Hi @Jpv123, welcome aboard. Nice to see you around. :slight_smile:

There is no registration required. Every week, there is a new Entry Thread in the Weekend Challenge area of the forum. You can find the current one (“Neon dream”) here: Challenge #809 (21/12/18) Entries OPEN

Since @FlyingBanana already covered this one, I’ll keep it short.

Pure: If you can honestly say to yourself, “Yes, I mainly used Blender to make this, most models (and almost all foreground models) are new.”, then the entry is Pure. (The rules aren’t very specific about addons and textures. Let’s just call this a matter of the participants personal judgment.)

Open: If an image isn’t Pure , then it’s Open .

You can find more details about this here: CHALLENGE RULES

Have fun!

Thank you @Helge and @FlyingBanana!! Just one concern regarding Pure textures. If I do my painting in substance painter, but then export everything again to blender and do the render on cycles, does that count as Pure?

I will be entering the challenges in the near future once I feel a little bit more comfortable with blender :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your warm welcome!

I’d say it depends. If blender was the software mainly used, pure will be just fine. If you don’t feel comfortable with that, just call it open. And actually, it doesn’t make much of a difference, after all. :wink:

I’m looking forward to you joining the challenge! :slight_smile: