Challenge #809 (21/12/18) Entries CLOSED


Thanks, I’m learning a lot

(Midnightcpu) #42

This is your Christmas present guys :grin: the hair node emission

(Nitram_2000) #43

Love this. I was also looking at styles like this to try and minic. Even down to the palm tree shades, as you mentioned. My original background was also a grid but I changed as I didn’t like the final look of it.

(Dan Wipf) #44

My Boy is dreaming having a Star Wars Saber this Christmas.

All on 2.80

i guess Pure entry. only snippet of Granit Xhaka’s wallpaper is from the www

edit: this is what he got :slight_smile:

and finally wrapped up

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(MonkeYceBear) #45


pure entry, cycles 1000 samples, added Blur and Glare in compositor.

This is my quick entry for this weekend challenge right before christmas :slight_smile: :santa:

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(i am poom) #46



Challenge #809 Voting CLOSED
(wujekwojtek) #47

hi, my entry “Fireflies”

it’s pure blender(modelling in 2.79 and rendering in 2.8 eevee) no postpro

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(3dnotguru) #48

This is my PURE entry. Cycles 1024s

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(RobertT) #49

Thanks so much, @Nitram_2000 ! I had fun working on this one :smiley:

Here is my non-competing entry:


(image updated)

Please follow this link to view at full resolution.

Pure Blender 2.79, Cycles, only procedural textures.


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(SystemAgnostic) #50

The Lord Saves

Pure entry.

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(SystemAgnostic) #51

Welcome to Nitram_2000 and Maelys031. I really like both of your entries. Terrific.

(Nitram_2000) #52

Great to see a 3D version and the final one. It really helps to see what you actually do! From previous stuff I was never sure if it was 2D or 3D. I love your shading and texturing. Such a lovey look.

Edit: I just saw your procedural texture thread. Amazing stuff there. I’ll be downloading them after the holidays and having some fun with them for sure.

(Jerzy Górski) #53

Hi there :slight_smile: , Pure entry

“neon kiss”

It’s my first competition, so sorry If I somehow misunderstood the rules.

everyone is writing about samples so here its 512 samples in 4k resolution, denoised and then scaled down so I can upload it here.

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(Jerzy Górski) #54

I may be weird but I liked the wip more

(RobertT) #55

Thank you for your honest feedback :slight_smile:

Here’s an updated look at the 3D View:

I do find myself wishing I had more time to spend on this project to refine it further.

I spent a while experimenting with materials. For example, almost everything (energy, etc.) on the main character develops through one fairly complex shader (a bird’s eye view):

But that lead to less time on the render refinement side of things.

Glad to see you participating in the Weekend Challenge! I look forward to seeing more of your work!


(Avery) #56

This was a great theme! Ended up creating something I never would have expected!

Non-Competing, Pure(ish) I reused an old character model of mine.

"Sweet Dreamer"

I’m extremely happy with how this piece turned out! And I had great fun creating it too. The original idea was much simpler and I just kept adding to it until it became what we see here.

The background is a procedural sky, and the wings and flower are using a fresnel effect. The character herself has a tiny bit of specular( if she has to much she reflects things I don’t want) with no roughness making her reflective, with an emission plane behind her.

I then did a bit of post processing to make the colors stronger and add some bloom.

Hope you enjoyed that quick rundown, and hope you like the art piece even more! :slightly_smiling_face:

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ArtAvenue's Sketchbook
(ericthered) #57

Here’s the “Neon Nightmare”, the seediest dive around.

This is a “pure” entry. adjusted brightness up in post. that’s all. Rendered in eevee (figured I oughta get used to using the new stuff). All textures are procedural, the ground has a image texture mixed in tho.

-EDIT- the paper on the door is also obviously not procedural

I like the theme this week

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(joshwinkler3d) #58

Electric Sheep

Pure - I was going to a Blade Runner kind of thing called Electric Sheep but being Christmas there’s not much time, so electric sheep it became :sheep: :slight_smile:


@Nitram_2000 Happy Birthday :balloon:

And Merry Christmas @everyone :christmas_tree:

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(Nitram_2000) #59

Thanks for the birthday wishes. It was a good one.

Maybe Eclectic Sheep would be a fun theme :smile:

(RobertT) #60

Thanks, @Nitram_2000. I’m glad you found the procedural thread!

I just updated my entry image above with some more refinements.

Happy holidays, everyone!