Challenge #809 (21/12/18) Entries CLOSED

(FlyingBanana) #61

I almost did this instead LOL

Not An Entry

(Photox) #62

"Boogie Lights!"


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(Millani) #63

Haha, I was going to say your entry is too dark, but then it got brighter by itself. Well played :slight_smile:

(Photox) #64

I was going for the Andy Kaufman effect, where people got up and hit the TV set!

(Millani) #65

The Sky is not the Limit

Pure entry. Everything made in Blender. I used a hand-made texture for the moon (made with texture paint), the rest is made of procedural textures.

This is based on the Museum of Cosmonautics, in Moscow. I found really cool how they captured the movement of a flying rocket with a memorial.

Challenge #809 Voting CLOSED
(LeighAH) #66

I bit off way more than I could chew for this one. I was going for completely pure, everything made in Blender with procedural textures. But I was about 30% finished when time ran out… I really don’t know what I was thinking.

So here it is, modelling is about 75% done and materials are just preliminary.

Not an entry.

(Nitram_2000) #67

I also had thought of doing a Blade Runner/Neo Tokyo Street scene but I quickly realised it was way beyond my current level. That why I then chose a city overview where details were not important.

Maybe someday my neon dream scene will come true :smile:

In general, I love this topic so much. Really presses a lot of buttons for me.

(Ansaar13) #68

That’s a very nice wall, and i genuinely mean that :clap: