Challenge #809 Voting CLOSED


(Midnightcpu) #2

I found a way to get the toon shader in Eevee guys its super easy.
All you do is go into cycles and open it in cycles then go back into Eevee and it automatically imports it👍
Then run it through a mixed node on top green then the princepaled on bottom green and put a layer weight in the factor

(Nitram_2000) #3

I thought there already was a toon shader in EEVEE. I saw this tutorial before last weekends challenge (the winners shading reminded me of this) and I love the look of it.

Just to add, I still haven’t made the switch to 2.8 just yet. I’ll probably still model in 2.79 and texture in 2.8, so I’m still unsure of all of what EEVEE has and doesn’t have.

(Midnightcpu) #4

The version I’m using doesnt have it in eevee so I found out about this yesterday when i opened the shader in cycles and went back into eevee.
Has their Been an up date for 2.8 for the shader?

(Midnightcpu) #5

OK didn’t read all your text.
Lol, No it doesn’t have a toon shader until I posted about cycles toon going into eevee :grin::smirk:
I bypassed cycles and got it into eevee.
I used the toon shader to make a realistic skin for models and its really close to human skin I don’t have to have a blue light over head anymore :grin::sunglasses::open_mouth: I’ll post it later

(RobertT) #6

Some very quick observations of things I liked in each image:

atekdigital: Strong contrast!

fcharr: Reminds me of Magnet and Boba Fett / Mandalorian armor :slight_smile:

ARC9: Nice Tron-like, and like electronica / EDM album art.

MonkeYceBear: Lovely blue glow + hues!

i_am_poom: Glowing yet instriguingly mysterious / ominous / sci-fi!

wujekwojtek: Such cuteness and nice colors / glow.

purbosky: Your best creative work ever, I believe. Excellent! I voted for this.

3dnotguru: Northern lights + Christmas trees attractively aglow!

Peetie: Very interesting use of Suzanne and shaders!

dan_wipf: There’s no glow quite like that of a lightsaber. Nice!

SystemAgnostic: A very interesting image/message with interpretive possibilities.

jerzygorskiart: Nice colors, and such a nice wall.

ericthered: Mysterious, and the subtle water reflections reinforce that mystery.

joshwinkler3d: I enjoy the challenging perspective, concept, and the results!

Millani: Nice vibrant and compositionally invigorating as well. I voted for this.

Nitram_2000: You got my first vote!

Maelys031: I always appreciate these kinds of reflective pieces.

Midnightcpu: Really cool VR (Virtual Reality) stylized piece!

FlyingBanana: Nice play on words, vibrant colors, and great concept + results.

OLG: This is very well done, simultaneously abstract and not. This could be a CD album cover!

Helge: I love it! Such a vibrant, cuteness, and seasonally attuned piece to make one smile.

ArtAvenue: I especially like the wing work here and the NPR (non-photorealistic) stylized render.

Photox: Really cool concept and results! On the top/left I can almost see the word “More,” and, on the bottom/left (going upwards) I can almost see the word “ego.” Also see at least two faces in there :smiley:

Happy holidays, everyone!


(Millani) #7

Thank you, I’m flattered. I liked the idea of a dreaming sea creature in your entry. The overall surreal look adds a lot to the image. The only thing that bothers me a bit is that there is too much going on and I have nowhere to rest my eyes. But maybe this was intentional, having the viewer always moving their eyes, just like a sea creature always has to follow the flow of water. :slight_smile:

(OLG) #8

RobertT, thank you. I am comfortable with modeling geometry. Not great at it but I can usually make what I want. Materials and textures are still greatly a gaping black hole for me. I have the basics down but that is about all. Artists like you make it look like magic.

Getting the material to project radially for the iris was what I learned this go round. I need to learn how to effectively layer them next.


Thanks for the comment @RobertT! The only thing I wish I had done was make the wings look less symmetrical.
And I like your piece too! Always great too see your work. :slightly_smiling_face:

And great job everyone else! It’s always interesting to see all the unique art! Hope your all having a wonderful holiday!

(FlyingBanana) #10

Wow, thank you @RobertT for taking time to comment. I wish I had more time to model the spider better and add a few more webs and variety of bugs caught.

(Helge) #11

And… the winner of Weekend Challenge 809 with votes from 37% of the voters is… jerzygorskiart!

neon kiss

(FlyingBanana) #12

Congrats @jerzygorskiart on the win!

(OLG) #13

@jerzygorskiart, congrats!

(Nitram_2000) #14

@jerzygorskiart boom! Congratulations on the win.

This week was one of the best weeks I’ve seen yet.

(Francisco Charrua) #15

Grats @jerzygorskiart! You were one of my picks :slight_smile:

(Jerzy Górski) #16

Thanks everyone for your kind words :slight_smile:
It was a lot of pleasure to participate with you

(LeighAH) #17

Congratulations, you got one of my votes.

(Photox) #18

Thanks @RobertT!

The “words” were not deliberate, although now that you mention it, I can’t not see them! There was one face that covers most of the canvas that was intentional. Always interesting to hear how other people view them. It’s pretty bad when you need to put a blinking light on your art though. :disappointed_relieved:

(Green3d) #19

Awesome modeling. Looks good in a Bar scene. jerzygorskiart!



Love the details!

(Member) #21

@jerzygorskiart congrats man keep up the god work… :wink: