Challenge #81 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Video game systems of the future

Pure Entries

Robertt [list:a3c49b29c0]
Here’s my pure entry, a neuralactive entertainment system called RealitZ:

This started out as a home-based unit that got somewhat large. Up to three can play.

Troubles in Virtual Reality

Ok. Here it is: the Zbot! a high tech videogame system that would be possible in around 2014.

This is the PlayTube.

OK, I’ve gone into the short future to come up with what the next chunk, I mean X-box, will look like.

In 2050, video game boxes are no bigger than a cigarettes pack, Wifi connected to the video game store to download the latest

Through a small helmet wired to the box, the brain gets the full range of stimuli on the 5 sens…
(yes, the helmet is wired as Wifi doesn’t work well yet on brain tissue),160-120.jpg,800-600.jpg

Presenting the great Y-Chair (as in “Why do I need to buy this?”). Direct successor of the X-Box which connects directly to

your brain. Use at your own risk.


oldlink gets my vote, i didnt think anybody really put in any time this weekend, i mighta won, should i have entered… :frowning:

I went with Robert. Nice overall look to it,…very complete.

I know blenergetic is the best and if you dont think so your an idiot.

i dont kno about being an idtiot myseld… but if i misspell it, i must be

I agree with mookie, the Zbot is preety snazzy but it could use a background

so me and modron are idiots??

o thanks mookie and wutnow, but modron and skeletor arent idiots (most of the time :wink: )

I think Jerry did a very good job with light. He got my vote.


I voted for teo because I loved the concept.

hm, not much of a turnout on the holidays, is there?

I liked Mr B’s entry. Nice use of reflection & refraction.

Heh, interesting first posts from mookie and wutnow who both joined Elysiun on the same day - just an observation, nothing more :wink:

I voted for Modron. Funny stuff! :smiley: Yeah, not many entries this time around. True blenderheads don’t let little things like sleep or holidays get in the way :wink: OldLink, nice render. Wiggie, good jab. Mr_B, nice concept, reminds me a little of Luke in the bacta tank in The Empire Strikes Back. Teo did a nice job too, although it departs slightly from the home game console theme of the contest by becoming a full blown arcade game in a public arena. Wish there were more entries.

A lot of good ones here :slight_smile: my vote goes to Jerri; nice idea, veeery good lighting setup and overall quality… nice parody on the xbox-logo too :slight_smile:

hooray for all! and a happy new year :smiley:

My vote goes to Modron.

Very funny!


Mine too. Nice and funny picture

Actually, there’s more

Please don’t do that again.



Anyway, i voted for teo just because i thought it was overall the most interesting. It almost looks like a piece of concept art for a new product. very cool.

Modron got my vote because it made me laught the most! :smiley:

Actually, there’s more

Please don’t do that again.


ok. that’s a wierd coincidence. seriously, i dont know anyone that is an elysiun user, and its definently NOT me. thats just not my style.

ok, looking at theeths picture, i have only one explanation: i was at my friends house last night, and i did post from his computer. after i left he must have made new user just to support my entry. and i will speak to him about that. :< if you look at my IP address now, it will be different because im at my dads house and there would be only one more IP from posting at my moms house. please dont think im lying, because i really wouldnt cheat like that.

oh, to prove this you could ban mookie and wutnow (along with that ip address) and ill still be able to post because that ip is at my friends house. it would be no big deal if i couldnt post at my friends house anymore.