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(FlyingBanana) #6

Ok I got my idea brewing. Now to see how well it comes out.

(Michael Cabatingan) #7

5. Billiards, Pool . (of a ball) to make slight contact with or brush (another ball).

I like this definition of “Kiss” better XD

(GIPeN) #8

Or you can always make kiss chocolates :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jerzy Górski) #9

or frontman of the ‘kiss’ band

(Millani) #10

I know everyone is waiting for someone to post a song, so I’ll do it.

(FlyingBanana) #11

Ok starting it off here with a previs render. Scales are a pain in the butt, think I might just go with a displacement map or sculpt stencil, particles are out of the question cause these results stink.

Pure Entry 128 Samples Cycles
“Kissing Fish”

Challenge #810 Voting CLOSED

Haha, it seem’s like there is an other theme this week. I am working on an octopus :

(FlyingBanana) #13

Yeah, for some reason kissing gromies came to mind right away so I threw a previs together in about an hour.

(derosaron1) #14

I think I may an ideal for a kiss. Hopefully it shouldn’t hard to put together. :smirk:

(Francisco Charrua) #15

Just in case someone decides to do something like mine: I’m learning how to box model a frog :smile:

(OLG) #16

Keep It Simple S* : Zombie Apocalypse Kit


Cycles, 3000 samples, filmic, Paintshop Pro for border and contrast enhancement

When the zombies rise from the dead and you need a way to reach out and touch them or if they get too close you need a way to separate their spinal column.

Re-used some of my old models with new materials and lighting. This week my focus was lighting and setting. I was really torn between this and a darker version.

Man, red looks good on an AR. In this case an M5AR308.

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(purbosky) #17

The theme made me think of this :

Had a vague idea based on that but not really sure, looks more fitting for @RobertT btw. :smiley:
Also got another concept but more scifi-ish. Let’s see later…

(FlyingBanana) #18

Yeah that does seem right up RobertT’s alley. Also helps others with ideas as well.


Hi everyone, I’m trying to do the texture of an octopus’s skin and I’m not able to figure out how to superpose 3 textures. I want to do something like this image :

I am using 3 principales nodes : 2 noises for the small brown spots (different scales) and 1 mudgrave for the beige and brown color gradient. When I mix them with an mix node, I lose the previous colors of the color ramp node… Someone has an idea?

(Millani) #20

You can try to use the noise textures to control the factor of the mix node instead. Or mix colours instead of shaders, you get a lot more options on how to do the mixing then.

(Green3d) #21

i think i have an idea or two to work in ,but yeah it is a hard theme and interesting as well.

(FlyingBanana) #22

This is the result, the spot section can be controlled through the texture cordinate and color ramp node to control how hard/soft/and size of the shapes


Thanks for your reply. I am not familiar with the Principled BSDF. I will give it a try, it looks interesting!

(RobertT) #24

@purbosky & @FlyingBanana

Thanks :smiley: and you’re right: I’m leaning somewhat in that direction but with a decidedly futuristic perspective.

Here’s an early WIP:


The idea: a mouthless humanoid robot discovers human osculation.



Simple scene but considering the new year is right around the corner…

Pure entry

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