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(Millani) #20

You can try to use the noise textures to control the factor of the mix node instead. Or mix colours instead of shaders, you get a lot more options on how to do the mixing then.

(Green3d) #21

i think i have an idea or two to work in ,but yeah it is a hard theme and interesting as well.

(FlyingBanana) #22

This is the result, the spot section can be controlled through the texture cordinate and color ramp node to control how hard/soft/and size of the shapes


Thanks for your reply. I am not familiar with the Principled BSDF. I will give it a try, it looks interesting!

(RobertT) #24

@purbosky & @FlyingBanana

Thanks :smiley: and you’re right: I’m leaning somewhat in that direction but with a decidedly futuristic perspective.

Here’s an early WIP:


The idea: a mouthless humanoid robot discovers human osculation.



Simple scene but considering the new year is right around the corner…

Pure entry

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(Midnightcpu) #26

I got an idea or two but, not sure if I want to do either one or not, still thinking :thinking:.
Doing some texture baking in blender for some of the textures only used baking for norms but, now I’m baking everything in blender if I can get a better idea

(Francisco Charrua) #27

Green Simons

Pure entry, 1000 samples with denoising. Put it up on imgur, deviantart, twitter, FB, and of course, my website:

happy new year to all!

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(Urf) #28

Took a long break and now its time to learn 2.8
Simple weekend challenge to get back into the groove.

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(Michael Cabatingan) #29

pool table stuff:

idk how I feel about the felt texture… but it looks decent

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(Michael Cabatingan) #30

the second pool table image is the old one. I didn’t realize the edges of the pool table were triangles…

(FlyingBanana) #31

Think if you adjust the scale of the felt texture it will probably look closer to the real thing. Realistic pool table felt is kind of hard to get right. Especially when viewing it from a distance it always seems to look flat despite it actually being woven thread.

(GIPeN) #32

I agree, also revise the UVs they look stretched in the edge bumpers

(FlyingBanana) #33

@Peaceful.Whale here is a thread that has a decent starting point showing nodesto make a starter procedural felt like material.

(Gourav) #34

Red Lip
Blender 2.80, Cycles render, 1000 samples + denoiser

Its Lipstick kiss, hoping its related to the topic. :slightly_smiling_face: :lips:

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(Photox) #35


Challenge #810 Voting CLOSED
(purbosky) #36

Don’t Kiss Me Goodbye

Non-competing and open entry. Cycles 256 samples + denoising, procedural textures and compositor. Used MBL add-on for the hand, the girl portrait is taken from earlier 2D work: Illusory Waters.

Kinda busy and tired, scrapped two earlier ideas as it seems too much work so here’s a quick and meh entry instead.

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(Nitram_2000) #37

Here is my entry.

“The Artist”
Cycles - 1000 samples, denoised.

The first thing I thought of when I read the title theme was Prince, so I created this little version of his insignia. I played with a velvet material for a while but I couldn’t get it looking like I wanted it to look. So, here is my first ever play with the hair system. I have to say, I really like the result. Maybe I’ll have to create some fuzzy dice for more fun. My crappy modelling means that the fur isn’t really all that even :slight_smile:

I just realised that, when viewed upside down, it’s a little bit phallic :joy:

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(Midnightcpu) #38

i might not enter this week im R&Ring but this is what Im working on if I finish
i call it kissing spirits


Street Kiss at Night
OPEN entry

Human models created with Manual Bastioni lab addon. House model and lamp post models from BlendSwap (,

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