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(Midnightcpu) #61

LOL, ya that’s how my old computer was I could only get 80,000 verts which gave me the inability to hardly do anything it was all low poly stuff until I got this computer I can get up to 8,000,000-10,000,000 verts now before my computer starts lagging cycles cant render it but eevee can
the only time I go that high in verts is when im sculpting characters :smile:


I’m saving up for a better computer :D. I also want to get into making games so I am probably going to need a much better laptop than I have at present. It’s good for school, but for rendering and other high processing stuff, not so much. I haven’t tried sculpting characters yet, but i’m excited to. I saw someone sculpt a dragon and it looked really cool!

(Midnightcpu) #63

ya, sculpting is a lot better but takes up a lot of time I made a few base meshes to start from just basic figure shapes.
when you start learning about baking high poly to low poly it will help with the rigging and game characters because, their is not so many verts to work on.

but basic character modeling is where you want to start you don’t want to skip the basics :smile:

(3dnotguru) #64

Don’t you know all participants of weekend challenges are winners?

(GIPeN) #65

Almost didn’t get it done but here is my entry

“Kiss her you blockhead!”

Pure entry, all textures are procedural or painted directly in blender.
Cycles, 500 samples

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(purbosky) #66

Expectation: * smooch *
Reality: * THUD! *

(Francisco Charrua) #67

looks like she’s about to kick something. maybe a football :stuck_out_tongue:

(Millani) #68

I think you and @purbosky covered the two ways that a girl can completely break a guy. :slight_smile:


Definitely! I really want to make and rig a dragon eventually. I didn’t realize how much sculpting that would take compared to modelling until I watched a video of someone sculpting a dragon head from a fairly basic low poly head.

(Midnightcpu) #70

Iol, ya you start with a basic figure then sculpt it

if your going for a game you have to make a low poly figure that matches the hi poly you sculpted and bake the normals, spec, dis, dif, metallic edge, from the hi poly onto the low poly but its like I said it takes time to do all of it mostly the sculpting everything else is farly fast because the low poly just has to match the hi poly figure :grin:


oh okay. Hopefully I’ll be able to learn all of that soon then :)!