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(Francisco Charrua) #22

thanks :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(Midnightcpu) #23

My idea is coming along good its a little over the top though I’m getting into the electronics of my scene RightNow its fuuuun

fcharr is into the electronics idea too :joy:

I got this right in front of me so I know where everything is on it :smile:

(OLG) #24

Super Power Tool - Stylized Silo Test Launch


Cycles, 512 samples, hdri lighting, smoke/fire simulation, Graswald add-on

A stylized Minuteman 3 ICBM silo test launch somewhere in a remote northern tier state. Awesome tools of destruction with the capability of creating unscheduled sunrises. Tools of the trade for nuclear Super Powers.

My computer cried rendering the image. 5.5M verts thanks to the grass verts and the smoke simulation which taxed it to its limits. Crashed a bunch of times and lag enough to get up and get a cup of coffee in-between mouse clicks.

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(FlyingBanana) #25

@Midnightcpu You going to print a monkey head? :slight_smile: Looking good.

(Midnightcpu) #26

I use it every once in a while been getting ready to make molds

This is custom stuff I’ve made in blender and prototyped I do a lot more then render pics with blender :grin:

People call me a professional where I’ve been doing all this for around 11 years

(RayVelcoro) #27

This is such a nice theme, like Midnightcpu said; Alot of verity in this challenge!

I’m busy with a Swiss Army Knife. Few things I’m not happy about yet. Also want to add some extra tools to it as well.

This is where I’m at so far;

Swiss Army Knife

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(Nitram_2000) #28

Here’s my WIP.

2 more models to create and then on to texturing. But that’ll all have to be done tomorrow.

Edit 1: Decided to do this all in 2.8. No idea why, but it just felt right :smile:

(Tanvir Mahmud Abir) #29

I really don’t know how to upload my entry. Help plz.

(GIPeN) #30

You can just paste or drag the image in your reply

(Tanvir Mahmud Abir) #31

Don’t I have to share links and blah blah blah ?

(GIPeN) #32

Posting the image is enough :wink:

(Tanvir Mahmud Abir) #33

Thanks ! :grin::grin::grin::grin:

(Green3d) #34


Only thing left are a few models, the handle and some composition and it should be ready

(Francisco Charrua) #35

Dang, I guess you can’t build your 200$ gaming computer now :stuck_out_tongue:

(FlyingBanana) #36

If it don’t upload then it may be too large a file size for the site especially if PNG. Easy way to fix would be open the PNG in paint then save as jpg and it should be a small enough file size to drag and drop.

(FlyingBanana) #37

@RayVelcoro you are going the route I almost went. But I wasn’t going to do a swiss army knife but a leatherman instead. Yours is looking good too BTW.

(RayVelcoro) #38

Thx FlyingBanana

(Michael Cabatingan) #39

i was just joking XD. If I thought about that I so would have done it.

(Michael Cabatingan) #40

Here is a test render:

(Helge) #41

"I’m a doctor, not a scarecrow!"

non-competing (pure), cycles (1024 samples + denoising)

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