Challenge #811 (04/01/19) Entries CLOSED

(RayVelcoro) #38

Thx FlyingBanana

(Michael Cabatingan) #39

i was just joking XD. If I thought about that I so would have done it.

(Michael Cabatingan) #40

Here is a test render:

(Helge) #41

"I’m a doctor, not a scarecrow!"

non-competing (pure), cycles (1024 samples + denoising)

Challenge #811 Voting CLOSED
(Tanvir Mahmud Abir) #42

This entry is gonna win for sure !!!

(Francesco Di Cosmo) #43

Pure entry.
“A needle for a hundred pins”

Challenge #811 Voting CLOSED
(Millani) #44

I don’t think a non-competing entry ever won the voting. :wink:

@Helge I always wanted to model a plague doctor, but always found it too hard to model leather or cloth. I liked how the holes and other parts look rather irregular, giving it more of that hand-crafted look.

(Nitram_2000) #45

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! Blender 2.8 just crashed after I made a fairly complex model. Well, complex for me :smiley:

The autosave had already been written over by the time I got to it :confused: Stupid internet distracting me.

Thus my entry will now be open as I’ll be downloaded a model from blendswap I guess. I don’t have time to remodel :frowning:

(Millani) #46

Forbidden Knowledge

Pure entry. Everything made in Blender, only procedural textures used.

Old entry:

Challenge #811 Voting CLOSED
(Tanvir Mahmud Abir) #47

Did u use volume scatter for the volumetric lighting or used the compositor for that effect ?

(Tanvir Mahmud Abir) #48

I feel sad for you LOL :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

(Nitram_2000) #49

Pure frustration. I’m a crappy modeller so this was something that was actually coming together reasonably well.

Ah well, on to the next object I guess.

(Tanvir Mahmud Abir) #50

I’ll be uploading my first upload on blenderartist in a while. Wish me good luck.

(Nitram_2000) #51

So, here’s my entry.

“Evolution of war tools”
Cycles @ 500 samples

I didn’t quite get everything down that I wanted to but what the hell, it was another fun entry.

Edit: Found the name of the guy who created the gun model - epittsburg ( Everything else was modeled by myself.

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(Millani) #52

I used a cube with volume shaders.

(purbosky) #53

Concentric Apparatus

Pure entry. Cycles 256 samples + denoising, procedural textures, compositing in Blender. Drawings on the paper taken from some projects that I took part of.

Challenge #811 Voting CLOSED
(Midnightcpu) #54

10 hours until render gets done then on to compositing :yum::grin::drooling_face::hushed::thinking:

(Michael Cabatingan) #55

shrug… Im adding one thing, then rendering it overnight

(Michael Cabatingan) #56


(Michael Cabatingan) #57

this is not the finished one. This is a test render of it :stuck_out_tongue: