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(SirDraco65) #20

An Everyday, Boring sight

Pure Entry - All in Blender, Filmic used

A perfectly normal, everyday post office with nothing really particular special about it. Dunno why I decided to model a post office of all things.

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(purbosky) #21

City Icon

Pure entry. Cycles 256 samples + denoising, using procedural textures. Clouds BG, effects and finishing done in GIMP (as I ran out of free time…).

Featuring iconic landmark on my hometown :

Making those little details took more time than I thought. Had to discard some ideas like buildings in the background and vehicle light effects. Had to search for Javanese script font first for the inscription on the monument, got fooled with some fake ones before finally found the correct one, lol… (which I then used for the watermark instead).

Raw render :

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(RayVelcoro) #22

very nice, love the background info, thx!

(Millani) #23


Pure entry. Everything made in Blender, only procedural textures.

I don’t care what @Helge says, in my mind that’s how his hometown looks like. :slight_smile:
Although, I’m certain there should be some bird and some lizard around there. Too bad I can’t model animals. :frowning:

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(Francisco Charrua) #24

The capital of Anthropomorphia :wink:

(RobertT) #25

Here is my non-competing entry:


Please follow the preview thumbnail above for the full resolution image.

Pure Blender 2.79, Cycles, all mesh with only slight procedural textures.

This stylized project was inspired by the character Odysseus from Homer’s epic poem Odyssey:

See also:

Odysseus, after many adventures and setbacks, stands, momentarily disguised, fully intending to return to his wife, reclaim his kingdom, and restore order.

The birds in the distance, as they do in the poem, portend his homeward return to Ithaca.

Overall coloration for this project was inspired by comparable orange/black/etc. hues often found in ancient Greek pottery art:


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Challenge #812 Voting CLOSED

I couldn’t help myself. I made you a lizard for your scene.
Here is the image and the blender file if you want :slight_smile: It is rigged (the eyes are not super but they work ok) Have fun!

cameleon_for_helgenburg.blend (1.1 MB)


Here is my pure entry,

Calvin’s hometown : Chagrin Falls

I reproduced a painting of Chagrin Falls by Bill Watterson.

2,512 votes and 60 comments so far on Reddit

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(Michael Litherland) #28

This is very cool, C&H is great! I live near Chagrin Falls and have done a lot of theatre at Chagrin Valley Little Theatre, which is just down a side street behind and to the left of where Calvin’s foot is. It’s a pretty town, I took this photo of the falls which gave the town its name a few years ago, also looking to the left from right about where Calvin’s foot would be in this picture: Nice work!

(Bhuvaneshwaran) #29

sorry for this question. what is bitcoin???

(Helge) #30

Actually, you are quite close to reality. However, I’m not a 100% sure that everyone else around here is seeing all those eyeballs as well… :wink:

Nice one! Obviously, you know what you are doing.

(Helge) #31

Not sure how to explain this mess, but I’ll try:

It’s a decentralized, pseudonymous, blockchain* based cryptocurrency, which has been around for a few years now. It is independent from the ‘normal’ financial system but you can still use it to buy real things** (e.g. from Microsoft, KFC Canada, Playboy or services from @Photox’s evil empire of darkness).
It has also been a popular way of payment for scammers, ransomware distributors and other shady creatures like that.

Not sure if this makes it any clearer… Please don’t take the above as advertising. :wink:

*:Actually, it is one of the few working (and in a way reasonable) examples of something related to blockchains. Which by itself is a buzzword that we could probably add to the sites spam filter without causing much harm. :wink:

**:The exchange rate is rather fluctuating. And the whole thing is considered highly risky/speculative.


non-competing entry

2 renders i made a while ago using photogrammetry scans

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(Francisco Charrua) #34

It’s a virtual currency that you can earn by having your computer do calculations. It’s stored on some server. Computer gamers blame this for the inflated price of their beloved computer parts, like video cards and ram.

(CrazyCGChick) #35

Fish n’ Chips

I grew up by the seaside in the UK. So obviously the first thing that comes to mind is Fish and Chips and the typical rainy weather that usually accompanies a fish and chip supper.

Pure entry everything made in Blender except the rain on the window which was downloaded from The Background is a adjusted photo I took in my camera and the text on the newspaper was done in Photoshop.

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(Photox) #36

“Polka dot mailbox”


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(Millani) #37

I’ll see if I can add it to the scene tomorrow :slight_smile:

On a side note, you guys can imagine how amused I am by the number of flagged posts in this thread. @Photox, you’re a (evil) genius. :smiley:

I hope next week’s theme will be cryptocurrency :wink:


Very nice picture! I looked on the internet and found the town absolutely charming. I also like very much Calvin and Hobbes, so I decided to reproduce this painting!


I just missed the opportunity to post an entry :smiley:
So, non competing one
cycles, 500 samples, low poly.

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(Helge) #40

I’m compiling the list just now. So, I can still add you to the competing entries. :slight_smile: