Challenge #813 (18/01/19) Entries CLOSED

(Peetie) #4

Title: Evil wannabee
Pure Eevee(L)

First sculpt more or less. Remeshed with one of the remesh tools there are. To my surprise it was animatable with bones and shape-keys. Jan_18small

Challenge #813 Voting CLOSED

I’ve really wanted to work with more sculpting so I’m going for a Nefarious character.
Here is what I have after a couple of late nights.

Pure Entree
Sculpted and textured inside blender. This guy is up to no good.

Challenge #813 Voting CLOSED
(didierv) #6

Free Bird Seed
Blender Cycles

Challenge #813 Voting CLOSED
(3dnotguru) #7

This is my PURE entry “The project”.
Blender cycles 256s

Challenge #813 Voting CLOSED
(Martynas Žiemys) #8

That’s one nice topic. I think I will attempt to find time to participate this time if I can. …maybe. :smiley: I would really like to.

(OLG) #9

Nefarious Victorian Night Predator


Cycles, 3000 samples, filmic, ($) Photorealistic Eye generator, Paintshop Pro

I used the second definition for nefarious: “impious, evil”. Apropos to the living undead.

Re-used some elements from my library. The gothic cross is from my cnc pattern library and the top hat is an old element. The head started as a base mesh which I then sculpted.

Challenge #813 Voting CLOSED
(Helge) #10


Not sure where this will lead me. We’ll see. :slight_smile:

(Francisco Charrua) #11


If not for the freezing weather, I would have watched glass this weekend. As you can see, my sinister character is now wearing one :wink:

Edit: Anyone know of a good hair tutorial? I’m not very happy with my ability to create decent hair / fur.
Still unhappy with the hair: Will keep working on that.

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(FlyingBanana) #12

I am seeing that as well. Scrapped my entry unless I come up and get a different idea modeled in time.

(FlyingBanana) #13

Ok I am just too stubborn and quickly threw it together to get something entered.
This is my pure entry. 100% Cycles all procedural and going to call it…

" I Want To Believe "

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(Helge) #14

I noticed that as well. :wink: I just hope it will not stop anyone from going on in that direction.

(Bhuvaneshwaran) #15

what is the perfect meaning for nefarious.

(Helge) #16

That is a little hard to tell as meanings may differ and each of them is valid, nevertheless.
[I had to look it up, too. ;-)]

I like this one:

The wiktionary definition is also very helpful:

Sinful, villainous, criminal, or wicked, especially when noteworthy or notorious for such characteristics.

(Bhuvaneshwaran) #17

ohh ok i thought nefarious means evil, deadly, like that…

(Helge) #18

To me, this doesn’t seem to be wrong. I guess, it depends on the circumstances. Which is one of the nice aspects of this theme - there are so many possibilities. The hard part is to decide which way to go. :slight_smile:

(Marc) #19

Pure Cycles (2.79)

First contest I joined ever! (Doing blender for a maybe a quarter)

Im not an english motherspeaker, so i had to look nefarious up, i found out thats its like a synonym for bad, so here is one nefarious thing everybody had done !

Take it with humour!

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(Bhuvaneshwaran) #20

omg; really nefrarious

(FlyingBanana) #21

Now that is picking a winner to a whole new level.

(Bhuvaneshwaran) #22

Burning nefarious skull:

Pure Cycles (2.79).
Skull - Blender modelling (4 hrs).
Flame&smoke - fire+smoke simulation.
Embers - particle system.
Samples. - 350.
Resolution - 1080x1080.

Challenge #813 Voting CLOSED
(Millani) #23

In my opinion, this: