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(purbosky) #42

Sorry, I just couldn’t resist the urge to make this upon seeing @FlyingBanana’s entry … It fits so well. :grinning:

(purbosky) #43

Great entry, @Maelys031! I think yours is still eligible as Pure entry, considering the models are all new and self-made. Textures isn’t affecting the status, according to the rules. Also, your entry will look good on the header images up there… :smiley:

@Helge: fairyman… ferryman… is that a reference to Charon ?

(Helge) #44

In a way, yes!

Actually, it is a reference to Chris de Burgh’s 1982 song Don’t Pay the Ferryman, which has some similarities/connections to the Greek Charon.
However, the song focuses on the ferryman not being very trustworthy - a character trait he shares with my cute, little fairy. :slight_smile:


Thanks, I struggled two days with the mesh to animate it easily (especially the face). I was so happy when I rigged it to see that I did not have to weight paint all the bones!


To have more smooth hair, you need to adjust the path steps in the particles render options and in the tool bar. Normally, I use between 5 and 8.

This is a tutorial I followed when I learned to make hair. The secret is be patient and do it step by step by adding hairs 5 to 10 at the time and to hide them when they are in place. Don’t forget to use children!

Hope it helps!

(RayVelcoro) #47

There is a new denoiser with very nice results, go check it out;

(FlyingBanana) #48

@purbosky thanks, so is the alien the species on the planet getting destroyed or are the the ones on the ship destroying the planet? Hehehe

(purbosky) #49

Well, the latter is more plausible and cooler, but since you’ve said it, let’s go for a more not-so-nefarious choice: the alien used a remote control to fire the laser from his ship in orbit, but unfortunately he forgot something …

(Nitram_2000) #50

Lovely entries again this week guys. Unfortunately I didn’t have time this weekend due to a trip abroad.

And I now have Don’t Pay The Ferryman stuck in my head. Chris De bloody Burgh. Thanks guys. :rofl:

(FlyingBanana) #51

Hahaha I love it…

(david.speer) #52

“To Be Continued”

1000 Samples

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